Eugene Babysits Keith's Cat For A Day

Datum objavljivanja: 6. Vel 2021.
Allergic Eugene is going to attempt babysitting sitting Keith's cat, Alfred for the day! Aaaaand NEW merch is available now! Get our new custom Color Cloud Tie-Dye and shop our BFF Necklaces here:
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  • Keith’s house is awesome ngl

  • Can one day eugene try babysitting me

  • omg did Becky say they clear out the litter box once a month? That's not frequent enough.. I was told by my vet the litter box should be cleared it daily and thorough cleaning at least weekly, and there should be an extra litter box so there's always a clean one, as cats are quite picky and can be particular about their litter tray. Furthermore I was told they don't like it when their water bowl and food bowl are too close to each other, makes it feel like the water's unclean and that'll discourage them from drinking..

  • I love this cuz we have three cats and I can honestly tell you; half of these steps were kind of useless

  • Why the cat have a German sounding name,... while the cat have the........

  • This video is awesome but also confirmed everything i'd already suspected. Cats are overrated and gross. I'll take my 2 non shedding pups any day of the week. At least i know where i stand with them and they're friendly

  • the ecuvilent of eugene and keith is alfred and eugene-get ma vibe?

  • wait. the cat has a separate room all for himself.

  • can I please get Eugene flinging cat shit as a live wallpaper

  • So his Spanish name would be Alfredo since he is Mexican

  • My cat acts to me like Alfred does to Eugene when Alfred first meets Eugene In the bed

  • Isn’t it catsitting??

  • Becky’s hair always looks so beautiful!!!

  • I have a cat and all cats own you You don’t own the cat

  • I have three cats, two of them are chill (siblings), the 3rd one is a stray and uhhhh.... I got two scratches playing with it yesterday! Idk why but it's literally so violent (no it wasn't abused or stuff like that)

  • Alfred being so unamused as Eugine threw his shit and piss in the air is the funniest thing everー

  • I never thought that Eugene would be worried enough about a cat not liking him that he’d believe all the ridiculous stuff they had him do

  • "Cats have barbed tongues" I think Eugene mixed up male cat's barbed penises with their "sandpaper" tongues.

  • Oh my god why is no one talking about how STUNNING Becky looks in this video??? Her hair looks so gooddd

  • "It's a little gay worm for you"

  • Keith and Becky's neighbors must be very confused.

  • Lauren has that toaster

  • When the cat hit the camera an ad poped up

  • Becky and Keith moved and their new place is GORGEOUS

  • Becky is so so prettyyy

  • So like, I need that lint/pet hair remover

  • This video KILLED me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • *shaking the wet food" keith in a velvet jacket and checkered tie XD

  • LOVELY new home :3 !!!

  • 0:20 Keith is a cat

  • 6:04 That is a genius litter box!

  • Eugene, I don't know if you climbed the corporate ladder.....but you climbed the ladder of my heart. P.s. You can watch my cat anytime, she likes to go on walks & eat corn.

  • I don’t trust people who hate cats because I feel like they just don’t have the patience to try to gain their love and I don’t like that lol

  • Nooo kitty litter ruins vacuums !!

  • I feel like hes approaching this with the expectation of cats to already like you. Its all about building trust and going at the cats speed so they know you arnt trying to force them to do something

  • My best advice for meeting a new cat is to let them smell your hand before anything else. Second, is to avoid eye contact with them

  • When he sneezed and the sh*t went flying, I laughed so hard

  • for real though who needs to babysit a cat

  • Fun fact “people with allergy to cats is not with his fur its his saliva” 🌻

  • Why is it so cute to see Eugene interact with Alfred 🥺

  • And when a cat falls asleep on top of you, you can never ever get up - even if you really badly have to pee. Hold it!

  • Its not babysitting if the parents are there. Lame video. Looks like the Habersbergers just want some attention.

  • The sneeze 😂😂

  • Honestly want to know what kind of cat litter they use 🤔 that has that certain color to it

  • Eugene scooping poop while wearing a costume 😂

  • Q

  • I just like that Eugene wears a nice outfit to make a good first impression for living beings that would probably see him the same as if he came over in his pajamas 😂

  • Alternative title: Eugene babysits himself

  • I want to see him babysit some kind of farm animal! Horse or cow ect! Lol

  • Alfred has a black patch looking like a peach butt. Or maybe a heart? 🤔😂

  • I swear the music in the back is the same music they use on escape to the country

  • The cat was babysitting you

    • @Mari Anna exactly.

    • It's like you're not the owner of the cat, the cat is your owner

  • Lmfao

  • he didnt ask to be born latina

  • That was hilarious

  • Wow Keith's cat is so chill. Hardly any cat will lick a stranger. I'm impressed lmao

  • Eugene babysits Zach

  • The best time to clean the litterbox is in the morning when you wake up with a stuffy nose and can’t smell anything 💀

  • 3:26 is this the first time you guys have been in bed together? No.. No... No... No... Crazy... lmao 😂

  • Keith & becky house tour!!!!

  • We lost our cat today and I'm crying, but for the first time today the tears feel less sad.

  • 11:36 Hitler cat 12:42 This is the most I've ever seen an Asian person wear shoes indoors.

  • Alfred was very receptive quickly. My mom's cats go into deep hiding anytime other people come over. Like, you wouldn't even know there were any cats in the house if it weren't for the cat tower and such.

  • What kind of cat litter do you guys use?

  • I’m

  • My cat watched this with me

  • Meeting a dog is like meeting an old friend Meeting a cat is like going for an interview -truer words!

  • the key to cats is to not be afraid of them, they can sense you’re scared and get anxious

  • Seeing Alfred in this video and how calm he is makes me feel betrayed buy my cat.

  • Knowing that 70+% of people who are allergic to cats own cats is always a surprise to folks. (Says I, allergic to cats and owns 4).

    • @Create With Yma TBF some folks have deadly untreatable allergies to cats. So, them I give a pass XD.

    • Im surprised that so many people who are allergic let it stop them from having cats

  • Died at the sneezing part!

  • Oooh what bag is that Eugene is carrying?

  • Ned

  • ahh his suit

  • I appreciate Becky and Keith messing with Eugene

  • damn, he thicc. Alfred. I'm speaking about Alfred of course.

  • Alfred's meow is so unexpected but Soooooooo cute! It's high pitch like my cat's meow so it's much loved.

  • becky's hair looks so cute in the beginning of this video

  • Eugene must have known about the couple pranking him because there's no way that he believed Becky would go outside everyday to rub her butt on a towel... hell, why would any cat owner do that lol

  • Eugene you where scratched because you where trying to kiss the cat without their consent

  • speaking spanish to a cat over the phone is the whitest thing ever,...

  • Eugene is definitely a car in spirit. He’a the classy cat sitting on the top of the couch watching his 3 friends stumbling over each other for a bone while he preens

  • Alfred eating the shrimp off the plate reminds me of my cat watching my mom get ready for work. She used to make tuna salad for herself and he would come over when he smelled her open the can and beg for some

  • Eugene served alfred for a day*

  • Alfred has a little black heart on the side of his body 🥰🥰

  • Does anyone know what that lint roller is called? Thats pretty amazing the hair it picked up!

  • Alfred, hola. Hola Alfred. I’m done 😂💀

  • Poor eugene 🤣🤣

  • Why is Becky so pretty?!

  • My cat: AYO broski you just gotta put some water and food in my bowl I'm fine

  • bless you

  • His name is Alfredo. 🥺

  • So I know they were mostly trolling him, but in general getting cats used to your smell IS a good thing. Cats who already know you will seek out your dirty laundry, and cats who know you less slowly get accustomed to your scent.

  • Want Eugene to babysit Wes and Finn together!!!

  • what the hell is this video

  • Get a Litter Lifter scoop, it will change your life

  • Alfred reminds me of Alonzo from CATS

  • That’s the only most entertaining clip of one shrimp cook that only the fabulous Eugene lee yang could do

  • alternative title name: *Eugene goes to Keith and Becky's house and does their chores*

  • I love Alfred just sitting in his house like an angst teens