Eugene Ranks The Cheapest Wines

Datum objavljivanja: 16. Sij 2021.
The King is back and he's got a new Queen at his side, the Regal Rank Wife, Becky! Today they're sipping only the cheapest of wines from their chalice! What will these lovers of wine decide? #RankKing
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  • e e e e e e e e e e e

  • “I drank this in college” *takes sip* Why did I drink this in college

  • Gay panic gay panic!

  • The white wines don't look like they're chilled and that actively upsets me. White wine is meant to be served chilled.

  • These two have the best friendship, like you can tell this isn't just booze this is a real friendship and I just think that's so special

  • Wait, their married?

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  • The chard off killed me!

  • yall forgot COSTCO Box wine

  • y’all should def do “american” chocolates/candy bars for halloween this year! (hershey’s, butterfingers, lindt, ghiradelli, etc)

  • the older Eugene gets the better he ages, while I'm over here about to turn 18 and I already see the wrinkles on my forehead forming like they're ready to bust my ass

  • I love Eugene's wife he's so sexy you suit him eug

  • I think it’s funny how it’s a recurring theme that everybody’s least favorite try-dog is Bean…..

  • ...... I love Stella rose..

  • Had to watch this again as I sit here in upstate NY drinking wine on a Sat. afternoon !!!

  • 😭 poor barefoot, I feel like wine is more about personal preference. Cause a lot of ppl prefer sweet over dry bitter wine. Each their own I guess.

  • Becky is my favorite try guy

  • We need more Becky!!!!!

  • Y'all completely forgot about the Whole Foods brand 3 Wishes wine. Its $3 a bottle. You don't get cheaper than that.

  • I know it's a "joke" that Bean is everyone's least favorite Try Pup but I think it'd be cool to do a video where the Fulmers take Bean to an animal behavioralist. ❤

  • We need more Becky/Eugene content

  • *Where wine is made* , design is the _least_ of your worries. The year, the region - last, design.

  • Now I'm embarrassed to be a sweet wine lover LOL Moscato and Reisling are my jam.

  • the way they edit becky over keith

  • Who heard the pizza pasta song at 13:37?

  • I've never seen eugene so laid back !

  • I love that as they get drunker the wines just go up and up in rank... lolz... and thus the point of cheap wine!

  • becky is eugene’s favorite try guy

  • Yall should rank the Aldi's wine selections as well...I love this one as well!

  • I'm a dry wine lover myself and I cannot comprehend how people enjoy moscato. I believe my hatred comes from overdrinking strawberry hill in my teens.

  • Lol Becky in kieths spot on the intro has me crying 😂😩🥰

  • Becky: Noah Centinino is hotter before he talks Eugene:shfoshUjdbdiHhebfkJj

  • As a European... canned wine is SACRILEGIOUS

  • Carlo Rossi can have my first born child if he wants it. $12 for a gallon of wine... bring it on.

  • Anyone else looking for a comment from Betsy?

  • I’ve only spent 2 years in the US and I’ve drank all of these multiple times😞 says a lot about me

  • I love arbor mist so much omg.

  • I like how Becky 100% has a type when it comes to men. “Big goofy tree like men”😂😂😂

  • How are you doing my fellow cheap wine people my favorite is Franzia feel free to hate me

  • I've lost count of how many times I've rewatched this video. Becky and Eugene are an unbeatable duo.

  • becky is so pretty 😩

  • I actually enjoy Yellow Tail.

  • As someone who prefers sweet wine... this video is not for me.

  • I love Becky and Eugene doing videos together, biggest best friend vibes

  • Becky and eugene collab really well together

  • I always feel this immense sense of joy when Eugene is genuinely happy and laughing- and he has such a beautiful smile. Anyone else?

  • where i’m from carlo rossi is bought for a room of people who don’t mind not pouring it into a cup and just swigging straight from the jug (the people in this room also gave all of their “it’s the day before payday” change to buy the jug)

  • arbor mist is literally my favorite wine 🤣 the blackberry one tho lol

  • But Eugene is gay, isn't he...

  • That awkward hi Betsy got me

  • One of the best episodes. 👌

  • This gotta a like for me mostly for the Moulin Rouge reference!

  • 11:43 yeet

  • Omgg do more with Becky love you guys together!


  • My aunt didn't like the wine you recommended as the best.

  • First wine: Beringer.... It's not cheap here in Canada lol. Do a Canadian edition, please hahaha

  • video idea: rating every cheap ramen

  • The squirrels getting drunk in the bushes like

  • Look how lil it is! Was so cute

  • Not them re-editing this video

  • what if eugene ranked different aesthetics?

  • Haha my heart will go on lmao

  • Eugene needs to make a wine line Keith has sauce Zach has tea Eugene Needs to make wine


  • How could you leave out Aldi's winking owl?

  • lol Becky wanted to send an email for a cheap wine...

  • Why does it feel like Eugene is part of the Try Wives even though he's a Try Guy. Idk if that makes sense lol

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  • My step sister has gotten fucked up on arbor mist it was also my mom‘s high school wine lol

  • Carlo Rossi just reminds me of my cousin's wedding. Her and her husband had their Greek alumni friends do a "pass the wine" dance and used this.

  • They ALWAYS use mozart horn concerto 4! Is this a recording of keith playing?

  • Kimbop looks a little crazy lol. Like an Old man sitting outside waiting for you to walk pass to curse you out


  • Speaking of Beringer wines, their white zinfandel tastes like a watermelon jolly rancher. If you want to chug it and get drunk, it kind of works.

  • More of these videos PLEASE!!!!!

  • I am still waiting for the day that Becky joins the Try Guys Company. As in like an employee.

  • i would watch these two for hourssss

  • Manischewitz's bottle looks like a cordial drink bottle at walmart

  • Ned


  • Awww Franzia brought back memories of my grandmother hahaha

  • Manischewitz my beloved...

  • 100% Becky is the hotter try wive

  • Me watching this while drinking wine out of a literal juice box for 100yen (1 usd): I’m the cheapest little bitch

  • Omg...I drank a bunch of Arbor Mist, then shaved my legs....don’t drink and shave!

  • 11:40

  • We need a straight soju ranking and a flavored soju ranking!!!

  • we need another collaboration of them together

  • They should've mixed them all together! Maybe it would turn out something great... Or not 😂

  • Where is winking owl?

  • I think this is based more on sweetness than quality....which means high to low is right to left for me.

  • Can’t not love Becky

  • Beckyyyy glass bottles are way better for the environment than the plastic bags inside boxed wines!!

  • I only drink sweet wine lol

  • wine is so cheap in America

    • Why? Where is it not cheap? Where I’m from you get a good apple wine for 1€.

  • My dream is be in RankKing episode about ranking Whiskey

  • Lmao my mom waited on Schwarzenegger once, and she agrees that he’s a piece of shit.