Eugene Ranks The Most Popular Reality TV Shows

Datum objavljivanja: 3. Ožu 2021.
You wanna be on top? Welcome back to #RankKing! Watch Eugene Rank the most popular reality shows that we love to hate and hate to love!
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  • What other shows should Eugene Rank Next?!

    • Anime!! Pokemon. And finally for the drama Eugene ranks the entire Try staff lol

    • bottled water brands!!

    • lgbtq content on tv shows past and present: Queer eye both, queer as folk, the L word both, glee, buffy, lost girl, teen wolf, haunting of bly manor... OHHHH OR best lgbtqia movies (cuz most of them are trash...but some are *chef's kiss* and artsy good!)

    • LGBTQ cutest youtube/ TV couples, or most influential queer content creators.

    • How do they say they love trash but there was no BAD GIRLS CLUB howww

  • how is Love Island not a part of these rankings??!

  • I love Eugene and Becky's reaction to hearing how great the Kardashians are and how they're dramatic and strong. 😂 I stan their reaction.

  • I don't like any reality shows

  • If they hadn’t put bake-off first I would’ve stopped watching right then and there

  • I would love an episode of Breakfast with Tiffany “New York” with Eugene. Please make this happen.

  • Eugene: too many blinds confuse me. Also Eugene: photoshop war 2, the “not my wife” masterpiece *Uegene not being confused*

  • Not y’all not having BGC

  • If Eugene ever gets to rank more reality TV shows, ngl I wanna see Mike's Mic on it 😂

  • I totally agree with Eugene on this one

  • if Eugene wants to understand the absolute power that real housewives has he needs to watch ATL and Potomac, even Salt Lake City is better.

  • If it was announced that all versions of Real Housewives were cancelled, I'd be perfectly fine with that happening.

  • This is random but twee means two in dutch

  • EUGENE! Literally my two fav shows are RPDR and Survivor. This video was everything I ever needed at 1am drinking a glass of wine

  • wow eugene was so fuckin right

  • Rooting for everyone on Top Chef? Not trashy? Unheard of! Lol I will never forget the pea puree incident or Josie's run on season 10 or how everyone hated Hung or Robin drama from season 6. Honestly wow this convinced me to rewatch Top Chef.

  • 💚

  • I totally agree about The Girls Next Door, great show with amazing commentaries by the girls for each episode before, and after dating Hef.

  • Housewives is the best show of all time

  • You really did The Challenge like that T^T

  • Watching this after the bachelor scandal and laughing at it's low ranking

  • so y’all just gonna forget about bad girls club ?!

  • I can't deny it. I 3000% agree upon Eugene's ranking of the shows.

  • EUGENE RANKS EVERY U.S. PRESIDENT please this canadian is nosy and needs entertainment from south of the border lmao

  • why does eugene hate blonde people?

  • Yess 👏🏻 Eugene is so right with that top three.

  • Honestly Becky and Emma just vibing the entire episode was so wholesome.

  • Oh yea Eugene's was ranking was definitely better

  • I am so happy to survivor as number 2!!! woot!!

  • Little mix! ❤

  • Were is bad girls club

  • i agree with eugene's rankings

  • On MAFS they are not actually getting married, i just really want to poin this out. Yes they are signing a contract to during the duration of the program to ac as if in marraige but they don't have to get a divorce after the show is completed.

  • so many of these shows are bad rip offs of british shows...

  • The gays win again!

  • I’m sorry but ’shark tank’ is knockoff dragons den right?


  • Survivor all the way baby!!!

    • so nice and refreshing to see someone else who doesn't like the bachelor shows...have never understood the hype.

  • What about catfish

  • Is Becky talking like that on purpose lmao

  • Did y’all hear Becky say “what are you talking about?!?” Exactly the same way Keith would 😂 I was dead

  • Kinda wanted “the bad girls club”

  • Ok but where's love island

  • Top model is racist af

  • The rank wives made a terrible ranking. Eugene is right, you're wrong, shut up. Watching rich white people date each other is boring.

  • Eugene ranks the sparkling water flavors.

  • I agree with Eugene 😂


  • When Becky said "throw it down there" to The Challenge, Thats effected me....

  • Do you know. How many blonde people. Are on. This. Show. NO.

  • where. was. dance. moms.

  • I’m just glad Eugene chose RuPaul’s Drag Race as #1.

  • Becky : who’s little mix? Eugene : British fifth harmony Hands? *thrown*

  • I was surprised some of the newer shows weren’t here. The circle, love island, are you the one, etc.

  • Eugene was right, you’re wrong

  • Love island!!!


  • The girl next door, rpdr, the x factor, ANTM, jersey shore, teen mom & project runway made me

  • If Eugene had done his reasearch he'd know that American Idol is one of the international iterations of UK's Pop Idol which is itself inspired by NZ's Popstars, which is in turn the defacto most adapted singing competition TV format, being remade in 50 countries. It would only take a Google and Wikipedia search to know that.

  • “You think we should vote Eugene off the island?” *Karl Jacobs has entered the chat*


  • Was there any doubt that Drag Race would be the top show? He has a documented love of that show.

  • Also wasn’t Mari from Smosh on survivor?

  • eugene's energy is so different when he's with women, so much funnier hauskslal

    • I feel like he really feels like he can be himself with woman

  • I was waiting for Bad Girls Club

  • Actual Rankings 1 Tie: Survivor & Big Brother 3: Drag Race 4: Circle 5: Masked Singer 6: Amazing Race 7: Solitary 8: The Mole 9: Whodunnit? 10: The Voice 11: American Idol 12: X-Factor 13: Anything else who cares...

  • Survivor is the best no debate

  • I have only seen 3 of these but never fully watched them

  • So you think you can ignore so you think you can dance?!?!!!!!!!!!!!

  • They should have included euphoria .Next time youtuber shows like baketopia, craftopia ,escape the night

  • Where's 90 day fiance

  • I agree with Eugene

  • Where was Masterchef Eugene?!

  • I couldn’t agree more!

  • Jersey shore was robbed! But also y’all need to watch Love Island UK

  • the only good part im willing to watch in DWTS is the deaf dancers.

  • I'm so here for Eugene stanning Little Mix!!

  • all wrong, best reality show was OBVIOUSLY total drama island

  • Love all the god awful Reality TV show sound effects!

  • I'm so happy that survivor came 2nd!!!

  • Where is Shark Tank lol

  • Eugene's love for little mix is what we need in the world!!!!

  • i waited the full time for love island fjdklsfjdslakf

  • Definitely should have had a whole wedding show section cause boy oh boy the drama

  • I appreciate that y’all don’t like biggest loser, because it’s definitely not health, it’s suuuper dangerous on the back end, and hearing stories from past contestants is really awful.

  • Little Mix fuck yeah Eugene :D !

  • bad girls club and love island??

  • When so many of these are copies from other countries shows 🤣

  • Twee being British kawaii is the hottest take tbh

  • Okay best rank king idea... monster energy drinks? Because does anyone actually know what flavor any of them are!?

  • you should have put cutthroat kitchen in the cooking shows I love that show good eats is good too

  • My parents STILL watch survivor.. been fans since season 1

  • I expected Jimmy Kimmel's Baby Bachelor and Bachelorette 🥺😂

  • I was so scared Drag Race wasn't going to come up!

  • I’m just saying Germany won we have Heidi as host of Germany’s next Topmodel

  • Bad girls club ???

  • There is a fantastic podcast that talks about the biggest loser - maintenance phase

  • 0:23 petition to make this eugene's new spirit animal

  • Eugene defending Great British Bake Off against the Real Housewives like its his first born was the definition of serotonin.

  • There is also party down south the southern jersey shore