Keith Eats Everything At Subway

Datum objavljivanja: 27. Ožu 2021.
Who's ready to eat fresh?! Watch Keith eat everything at Subway in this episode of #EatTheMenu! Get Keith's hot sauce today:
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  • You should do Panera

  • wtf is 'burger sauce'?

  • Always get extra southwest sauce!

  • I have had the same order that I customized for myself since I was 13 and I haven’t changed since. Trick is to get the herb and cheese bread and banana pepper and jalapeño. Makes everything better

  • Me rewatching this just for Sam saying ‘the people love it!’

  • is it just me or does he talk way too much

  • i find it adorable that keith got the bacon tatum sub and doesn't know what it means... it's jayson tatum of the boston celtics' specialty sub! (NBA) the draypotle is draymond green from the golden state warriors' specialty sub

  • Keith is so annoying

  • Lmao they mentioned the subway that lives indoors at ISU smelling up the whole first floor

  • Come on, let's do Red Lobster and Cheesecake Factory and maybe Panera!! It's totally fine (and preferable) to split each up!! 😋

  • As a canadian i tyink we love subway here and its better quality

  • I totally get why a lot of subs Keith got were neither toasted nor customized with veggies, cheese and sauces. Whoever ordered it didn't want the sandwich artist waste too much time (it really is time consuming to customize approx. 30 subs/wraps/flatbreads). But a 6 inch bread and some meat does not make a sub. A toasted sandwich with toasted Doritos, black olives and jalapenos though is excellent!


  • Missed opportunity to offer the lizard some lettuce and have him judge lol

  • Welcome back to another episode of American Subway having more on their menu than Canada...

  • watching Keith eat, makes me hungry ;v; He makes very thing look so tasty

  • i've been in a subway once and that was like, last year. there aren't that many in england I don't think xD

  • Do baskin robbins

  • I have a regular that comes in and orders a meatball salad with mustard as the dressing....

  • I am a vegetarian and get the Veggie Delite (that's how they spell it for some reason). I get Italian Herbs and Cheese bread, spinach (their lettuce is not good, the spinach is better), red onion, pickles, banana peppers, black olives, green peppers, swiss cheese if it's available, provolone if not, and oil and vinegar. It's pretty good if anyone wants to try it!

  • Me and my mom joke that Keith gets a food high whenever he does these videos

  • Keith eat everything até mrbeast burger

  • ROLL BIRDS Subway is an Ilstu staple

  • Becky getting pudgy. Haha.

  • just get a chicken teriyaki with everything they have other than that pickled stuff, cheese if you like, honey oat bread toasted, honey mustard and southwest sauce.

  • mostaccoli is amazing 😔- chicago

  • I'm with Zach, the smell of Subway is delicious.

  • I feel like I'm the only one that likes Subway. 😂

    • After learning about the shady history, maybe the hate is warranted.

  • My favorite thing I used to eat at Subway (before I went vegetarian) was the meatball marinara with shredded cheese, black olives, mayo, salt and pepper. It may sound bad, but it's amazing!

    • Since Keith seemed offended by the black olives, maybe leave them off if you try it. 😆

  • As someone who works at a Canadian Subway seeing what American Subway offers is absolutely wild. I also don't know how he ordered these, like-- they're so customizable and here we don't have any reccomended toppings on most sandwiches. I'm learning that canadian subway is significantly better than american subway because these all look bad Edit: why the hell do you guys have sandwiches named after people? Edit edit: KEITH THEYRE ALL SMALL BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T PUT WHAT YOU WANTED ON THEMMMM THE RECCOMENDED ARE EITHER NON EXISTANT OR LIKE 2 THINGSSSS KEITH SUBWAY IS ONLY BAD BECAUSE OF THE PERSON ORDERINGGG Here in canada there are literally no extra veggie charges why wouldn't you do that

  • Do your Subways not have white chocolate macadamia nut cookies?! My friend, you have been deprived of the absolute best item at Subway. I know; I worked there for two years back when the internet wasn't a thing. What a shame.

  • Yo keith crazy idea make a pizza sauce

  • Where's the white chocolate macadamia cookie??

  • I put my veggie delight on Italian herbs and cheese with light mayo, it really validates the "delight"

  • In my city we have subway only

  • Meatball sub with pepperoni, olives, mozzarella, pickles and jalopenos toasted. My go to with habenero sauce

  • Do you have seafood sensation back yet . We just got it back in Australia finally.

  • Soon: Keith tries blood pressure medication

  • I love the veggie delight, but it has to be these ingredients and only these. Italian herb and cheese bread toasted with double Swiss. Then lettuce, tomato, lots of green peppers (this is the only thing I like green peppers on), and lots of black olives (also the only thing I like black olives on), salt and pepper and some garlic aioli.

  • Their Subway Club was my favorite and then they got rid of roast beef 😒

  • i don't like sandwiches because i'm weird with mixed flavors/textures but this made me want a sandwich

  • do you guys not have the vegan teriyaki sub? yikes

  • I haven't had Subway, except one time in 2010 to try the breakfast since I moved to Florida and discovered the glorious Publix sub!

  • Keith need to make breakfast sauce 😂

  • i honestly agree with zach but like also keith got a point

  • Jimmy John's? That shit takes like cardboard made in 3 seconds.

  • Eat Fine lol. Subways is nastyyyy !

  • You should eat every type of cereal!!

  • What is the B in BMT????? BMT= Bland Meat Taste

  • are we not gonna discuss how keith said guac??

  • Can this count as a Mukbang series? Because if so then this is how you do it right. Nikocado Avocado could learn something from this.

  • Some PLACES in Europe?? 🤣🤣 Honey, it's some COUNTRIES in Europe...

  • White triangle cheese is most likely Swiss. I’m not a cheese expert though

  • I thought zack was a vegetarian 🤔?

  • my subway doesnt have a breakfast menu???? i work at sooubway and we have no soup, breakfast or spicy mustard which i get asked for alot, and we have specific portions for the chopped meat, so its never as skimpy as that poor buffalo chicken sub

  • The building that houses the department that I'm majoring in at my college is above a subway and the entire building always smells like bread. It is an interesting experience...

  • So I know Subway started in the US, but as an adult it is still my quick grab Sandwich place in Canada. Our bread is different. I thought that was superficial. Then as I have been working in the US and Canada I grabbed a sandwich in the US (this is mediocre) I grabbed a veggie bowl knowing US bread is "different", still mediocre. All I can say is as an adult I choose subway while in Canada. If you are ever in Canada Keith, you need to do an American chain in Canada like subway or Popeyes, etc. Then Canadian food like Beavertails or Coras. And a take on international food like Nando's. Otherwise, yes Subway in the US...mediocre, fascinating how internationally it adapted. There was a point I could still order the "old" way of cutting bread at subway.

  • You should try hat creek

  • Yall went to a horrible subway🤣🤣

  • Subway is all about customization What extra's do you want? What veggies and sauces to add? That is what makes Subway so cool - you can eat there everyday and never repeat

  • Keith: Why won't any of these restaurant chains sponsor me??? Also Keith: *hates on Subway the entire video*

  • Keith videos in a nutshell: *intense sauce plugging*

  • i love subway but honestly i think depression has just lowered my standards for food so much. like i can eat a slice of untoasted bread with nothing but mustard on it and be like fuck yeah, this is a great meal

  • you should do chipotle


  • Keith is so hot 😍

  • Keith, may I suggest you do an eat the menu video but do it with a bunch of different types of cereal

  • Maybe it is because I'm European(German), but every time they call this rag like "bready" thing bread, I feel personally offended 😅

  • You really should eat the menu at a Publix deli.

  • When are you going to eat the menu at Five Guys?!

  • I had no idea Subway started in CT.

  • Someone get Eugene an EpiPen. Dude looks like he's having an allergic reaction in his face.

  • Did anybody miss the fiance part where have I been?

  • Wienner Snitchzel

  • I am a 5 year old in a 22 year old body according to Eugene bc I just get meat, cheese, and bread 😂

  • My order is the veggie delight on wheat bread with marinara sauce. Trust me its good.

  • I think the next episode should be jimmy johns

  • Can we try all the lean cuisines or something? I think that would be interesting 😂😂

  • Steak N Shake?

  • Ft. Lizard Friend

  • you should do everything from noodles and company!

  • The veggie patty looks like the pad that goes under carpets

  • I like McAllister's personally

  • Was there a bluegrass version of “Good King Wenceslas” during Sams tasting section?

  • Milad has left the chat ...

  • So. Subway’s origin story is just a failed version of Back to The Future?

  • damn eugine

  • Literally the only way to choke down any Subway sandwich without condiments is to get the wetter veggies on it (or toast the salami and/or pepperoni to release the grease). Source: Worked at one. So. Many. Onions were sliced.... [EDIT] Also, best way to eat a veggie sub? Get the peppers, onions, black olives, spinach, and Italian seasoning grilled, then add the lettuce, tomatoes, and any other cold veggies you want AFTER, then just a LITTLE oil and vinegar. Super good.

  • I’m sad for you because there were no condiments. A dry sandwich is a bad sandwich 😞

  • ...... sooubway

  • Italian BMT must be topped with oil & vinegar. It's a must. No other way to eat it.

  • Sam needs his own show

  • Who else just randomly searched subway because milad Mirg

  • The title of this video really should have been "Keith Roasts Everything at Subway" 😂

  • Becky has PTSD

  • Does the US have A&W??

  • You should do eat everything at Panera Bread

  • I think Subway has that soccer player in their add that disrespec the USA flag. I will dig deep and see. If it is f*ck Subway and will never eat there again and tell all my family and workers to not go there again!! As well as post it on my twitter and Facebook pages. That's 1000s of less business for that sh*t hole. Matter of fact I have a business with 12,000 employees and will give them a gift card to somewhere else.

  • ”The egg tastes like it was boiled in water.” Keith 2021

  • I was too distracted by the choices the editor made in splitting up the words with different colors to mimic the Subway logo. I need to know who edited this so I can have some words with them.