Keith Eats Everything At In-N-Out *SECRET MENU*

Datum objavljivanja: 24. Vel 2021.
Get ready for 33 minutes of un-interrupted mouth-watering content! Keith is eating and drinking everything from In-N-Out (including the secret menu.) Get yourself some of Keith's burger sauce: and watch Lewberger's new comedy special today!
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  • Alexandria's in-n-out order sounds so good, professional grade. I'm gonna get the exact thing my next time there. Didn't even know lite-well was a thing

  • In-n-out is almost too good to be drunk food. Like, the food is really fresh, tasty and lite as far as fast food goes, the service is always good and everything inside is so well-put-together, ... I feel like instead you almost would prefer some dim, run-down hole-in-the-wall with greasy-ass food and testy old lady waitresses for your drunk, end-of-night meal. But then again, an in-n-out meal only runs you like 5 bucks, so that's a major plus

  • I don’t like Jonatan for some reason looks like a straight lame

  • 0:36 do you have a death wish?

  • Would love to see Keith eat The Hat menu.

  • Protein style is amazing, but it should be a double double or more.

  • Secret Menu Tip....Next time you go to IN-N-OUT order "The Beef in The Stew." They put fries on top of your burger, it's soooo awesome. Just tell them you want the "Beef in the Stew." I like fries on my burger, it's amazing!

  • any other associates here?

  • When will u do baskin robbins

  • Too much in and out is why these guys have low T

  • I NEED to see him try to eat the pluckers menu

  • Eugene: gay Ned: messed up knee Zach: scoliosis Keith: yum fried chicken and constipation

  • Are we just going to brush past the cult part??

  • The fries at IN-N-OUT are the worst fries in my opinion.

    • To be honest though, I only had the regukar fries and they were not cooked at all.

  • TIL that In’N’Out has Root Beet Floats...and my life is so much better with that information. If only they had onion rings.

  • I've eaten In N Out, and it's fine, but I don't get the hype. It's okay. I live in Texas. I REALLY don't get the Whataburger hype. They may as well replace the buns with donuts, everything is drenched and infused with cheap mustard, and it's the only place to find a tomato more warm and pulpy than literal paper being recycled at a recycling facility. The meat is "meh" and the fries are "blah." Texas has so many culinary offerings. It's baffling that Whataburger is like a sportsball team we keep trying to promote even though it just sucks, simply because of geographical pride. In N Out isn't that great, but it's certainly leaps and bounds above WhataShittyBurger

  • how much is the flying dutchman one

  • "You can't compare In n out to Whataburger" Texans: *So you have chosen death*

  • I like in n out for their burgers but I always love whataburger for the chicken strips and Texas toast. Also they have better fries

  • Real men get the 4x4x4 with animal style fries and a large vanilla shake

  • i love in n out burger

  • Wingstop!

  • I work at in n out and I must say, roadkill fries don’t exist SO STOP ASKING FOR THEM PLEASE

  • This looks like a police sketch of Tobey Maguire

  • The fries are the best I don’t care what you say.

  • I've never heard of a cheese wiki from in-n-out. Ask for a grilled cheese next time

  • Why’s he playing the fake driving school theme song (it’s a p0rn thing) 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • nah I have had both and Whataburger is DEFINITELY better! More variety too, and the fries are crispy and not soggy!

  • this can’t just be me but y are in n out milkshakes so salty

  • When you work at in n out and you watch this video to make sure Keith approves haha

  • Now I'm craving an animal style double double with animal fries and a coke 🤤 only a few more weeks

  • And the shake machine must’ve been acting up cause it looks like chocolate syrup is low and strawberry is leaking

  • Omg the lies part time get what benefits??? Not true and road kill fries??? Not true

  • U got to order crispy fries at in and out, they are the best

  • Double double, grilled onion, chopped chilies, extra sauce and extra toasted bun. Amazing

  • sam's moment was the highlight of my evening

  • I wish we had in n out in nc I want to try it so baddd

  • in-n-out in college when you're drunk was the best experience for sure

  • Is it bothering anyone else that Keith keeps eating the burgers upside-down? I don't know why it is bothering me so much!

  • Keith please Panera

  • Damn near half these things he tried aren’t even real menu items trust me just ask one of the workers they’d probably be willing to just tell you what’s offered

  • Double/Double Animal Style half/half Pink Lemon 🍋 with 7-up

  • For the vegetarian options, I highly recommend getting the buns mustard grilled/fried. A whole new level of flavor!

  • I always get a Double-Double with extra grilled onions, lettuce on the side (don't like cooked, soggy lettuce), tomato, either animal style or regular fries, and a Dr. Pepper with no ice. I'm so hungry now! 🤤

  • My first In and Out experience was after my first covid shot, wasn't a burger fan before and less of one now. Not a fault of In and Out.

  • Why did he say “but they’re religious” like it’s a bad thing? And then what was with the separation between fast food and church, seems like an unnecessary comment

  • do beast burger

  • Sound design in this episode is fire

  • Keith- in-n-out is better then whataburger Me- so you’ve chosen death

  • Quit with bleeping out sware words lol!!!😂

  • I love In n Out but their plain fries are garbage

  • /7🥝

  • Why do Americans call beef burgers - ham burgers when there made out of beef not pork 🙈😂

  • From a Texan, I 100% agree Whataburger sucks, and In N Out is far superior.

  • I loveeeeeee getting the protein style burger!! It’s the only way I can eat fries too and not feel overstuffed afterwards.

  • Animal fries

  • Hit a Portillos! Now that’s an amazing menu to eat through!

  • I think because Keith is from Illinois, he needs to do a “Keith eats everything at Portillos”

  • Animal style burger with the animal style fries are the best🤤

  • I tried the Flying Dutchman that’s actually fantastic

  • Holy shit. That guy in the thumbnail looks like soyjack.

  • He couldn’t taste the my boy had Covid

  • You don't know shit about Fried Chicken if you haven't tried Church's Chicken... everybody from FL and PR can confirm. Try it.

  • As a big fan of protein-style, there are some rules to follow: 1. No spread. Lettuce absorbs nothing, and it will mostly end up on your lap. 2. Cold cheese or no cheese. The extra grease from melted cheese will cause a critical failure of the lettuce wrap's structural integrity. 3. Mustard-grilled. Just because with no spread, you'll need the extra flavor.

  • Because that's what people want with their fast food: church. *eyeroll*

  • Kieth: “What’s your favorite in n out thing to eat.” Me on the East Coast: 😶


  • Today is the day to receive *Jesus Christ* as Lord and Saviour. There will be no In N Out in hell.

  • Sam: it might be better with the paper *CHOMPS paper*

  • my order always has been and always will be: Number 3 animal style with a rootbeer no ice and a Neopolitan shake!

  • That was also my first ever in-n-out I ever ate at! I remember the locations by it, because I live very nearby that place. It's nice seeing you go to places that I know the location of because I know that is always not that far.

  • We don’t have an In-N-Out here, we have Cook Out but ive always been curious about this place

  • Eating Whataburger while I’m watching this.

  • Culvers would win this series!!!!

  • “In 2011, the first In-N-Out opened in Texas” should be changed to... “The first In-N-Out in Texas opened in 2011” Words

  • Keith if you ever come down south you have to try Cookout, I really want to see what you think about it

  • Really Keith? Again, with whataburger... you really don’t fear anything...

  • Who is sam? He is......odd

  • living for the (disappointed trombone music)

  • This is sponsored by In-N-Out for sure, right?

  • A number 2 with whole grilled onions, pickles , and chopped chilies 😍

  • The sound of the wrappers gives me goose bumps. (Good for hit days because it will mask the heat)

  • Must be a south thing but what’s burger is 1,000,000% better than in & out. I’ve vomited in & out . They can go to hell.

  • The part with Sam in the car proved one thing to me: Sam is in fact the main character

  • -alfreds here. He's not a person, .... well he's kind of a person

  • Oh no is Keith secretly religious

  • BASHING Whataburger - nooooo! LOL! Still luv u

  • I would love to try Whataburger!

  • Double Meat with Onion. Extra spread.

  • Peanut butter sauce burget thats one of the secret menu

  • sam is kinda a lot cringe

  • *cries in Illinois*

  • animal style fries

  • Sam's eyes are insane

  • 6:18 what about Church's Chicken? LOL

  • you should do jimmy johns they have a numbered menu

  • The music is always so bonkers aha

  • Mustard fried = mustard fried and pickles Animal style= mustard fried, grilled onions, pickles and extra spread

  • I always get a 4x4 no onion and no tomato with Fries (WELL DONE) or animal style fries Large Lemonade

  • Keith should never come to Texas cause he has become public enemy #1