Keith Eats Everything At Jollibee

Datum objavljivanja: 30. Sij 2021.
It's the one you've all been waiting for! Keith finally ate the menu at Jollibee! What will Keith's most jolly and least jolly food items bee? Preorder Lewberger's Comedy Special now on itunes!
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  • Who talks or eats like this in real life? Crazy town.

  • Like comment if Keith should make steak sauce next!!

  • This fake ass Loki guy that shows up with cookies hates jollibees. Eggs he hates. The steak his face said no. Ok let’s see if he likes anything

    • Nevermind he just left. Whack ass Loki wannabe

  • jolibee chicken is really good though.

  • wth the Tocino pronunciation actually got me

  • jesus christ

  • Me who hasnt eaten jollibee in a long time: *CRIES*

  • How can you hate the Jolly hotdog it is literally my favorite Jollibee food

  • 3:50 to 3:54 that did not age well

  • 3:50 to 3:54 that did not age well

  • Thanks for the review Keith

  • Alright! Jollibee...wait, brownie in a cookie? What?!

  • I always thought that ube halaya was purple ice cream.

  • No one: Me seeing a foreigner react to filipino food: YESSS YES YES YES

  • Nobody is going to see this so there's that.... I really give my hat off to Becky for being in charge of Keith's wardrobe and the fact that Keith looks like Superman lol

  • Im Filipino and this woke me up from m sleep

  • I don't think a try guys video should be 30 minutes long. This is ridiculous

  • Are you the same guy that boiled pee?

  • Keith: CHICKEN?! FOR BREAKFAST?! Me, who eats any leftovers from dinner, including fast food: *I am in fact 4 parallel universes ahead of you*

  • Sana nabusog ka, Keith! 😊👌

  • any other filipinos correcting the way he says the dishes 🤣

  • The sweet spaghetti is the reason why the failed McSpaghetti is actually a big hit in the Philippines. A lot of Filipino spaghettis use ketchup instead of tomato sauce since we love sweeter flavors.

  • try native dishes! Lechon, Sisig, adobo, sinigang, bicol express!


  • This is what I call the jollibee russian roulette, because the menu is so made for Filipino taste that if foreigners eat it, interesting things might happen.

  • Ohhh noooooo he forgot the choco mallow pie one of Jollibee's best desert ever

  • Fun fact: Jollibee Gravy and Rice is a full meal already

  • Finnally, an american who mixes the spaghetti 🍝

  • love how you love the gravy me too

  • to be honest, we put the gravy on the rice more than the actual chicken

  • I think Keith's hair looks great! Before and after the haircut. 😊

  • Marissa can’t handle the Filipino Glizzy

  • 1:28am and im craving 🤤

  • Where's my peach mango pie?!

  • I don't blame you with the jolly hotdog tbh. I never liked it either lmao

  • There is a Jollibee a couple of miles away and whenever I drive by it I say to myself I'll stop by sometime. You've convinced me to give a try even though I've reframed from eating fast food. I really should not have watched this before dinner.

  • Filipino...Your first food you eat is wat we call breakfast .. even afternoon or anytym. 🤣

  • Keith" its the batter that has the spice not the meat" Did you think there are spicy chickens?

  • Cubaeyo

  • Gravy is lovely 😋

  • I know, these hurts. As a Heavy Potato base Side Dish. Theses foods are made to be strong and to be complimented By Rice or Marsh Potatoes

  • when he didn't mix the halo halo, my blood near started boiling

  • I'm Filipino and I veto the beans when I order halo-halo lol it's weird like raisins in embotido (filipino meat loaf)

  • Man we filipino did not get good on all man

  • Felt like watching 90s tv show, dont know why... but too cool...

  • kieth: OMG RICE TASTES GOOD WITH GRAVEY me an indian who has it every day damn white people don't know how to cook

  • hearing them pronounce the food is so funny to me

  • Not gonna lie, even here in the Philippines, the Jolly hotdog isn't really selling much. It's always the chicken, spaghetti, pie, burgers.

  • Here we go again with the filipino bait...

  • "Kyu-bay-yo"

  • Yo im from the philephines thank you for tasting jollibee

  • the only thing im saying is his pronunciation of Filipino language

  • cubeyo

  • Wait where tf is my Jollibee breakfast! I have never saw more than half of these items at Jollibee 😭 sad tears*

  • YES! I haven't seen one of these in a while!

  • Halo-Halo is supposed to melt so you can mix it

  • SHEESHHHHHHH keith was it bustingg

  • wait chicken dippers i think we dont have that in the phlippined damn i would love to try that

  • Their mayonnaise ain’t from miracle whip

  • Jollibee is very cheap in the Philippines

  • Who else is drooling throughout the video?

  • 9:30 ur supposed to mix it together

  • You don’t eat the white rice by itself 😂

  • 2:15 It’s not pronounced (Toh-chi-no) it’s pronounced (Toh-si-noh)

  • Anyone else only found out about jollibee's because the game?

  • he butchered every word on this video

  • i don't know dude but this looks so contrived and insincere because y'all are trying so hard not to offend an entire nation that's well known for their online over-sensitivity. either that or something else, but i just can't put my finger on it really

  • YOU MISS PRONOUNCED the name of the place Jollibee started

  • I only eat chicken in jollibee mostly I love the floats and pies

  • Make A Steak Sauce

  • First white person Ive seen that actually eats the rice with all the filipino food he tries

  • hears keith say it as "coo bay yo" cubaos sadly

  • wow.. im glad this guy got a new gig after GLEE..

  • I grew up on rice so hearing Keith talk about rice like this is weird as fuck haha

  • Wow chicken joy. I'm hungry

  • God, I want spaghetti from Jollibee ASAP, and a honking aloha yumburger it's been too long OH FUCK AND THE PIE I'M CRAVING IT SO BAD

  • smells lowkey racist HAHAHAHA

  • wait we have mash potatoes?

  • I'm a filipino and I respect you eating our most popular resturant

  • Mango pineapple and chicken sandwiches doesn't exist in Philippines though 🤔


  • In the Philippines spaghetti has hotdogs and remember about surgur part you said is right dumb down unsubcribe

  • Yum burger i believe has yum yum sauce in it, thats prolly the goop yall talking about..

  • Keith being asian in another life🤔

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣white man: "take that white ppl"🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • You can tell it's bought from the West considering the serving size of the rice is way too huge compared to the usual rice servings that comes with meals bought in the Philippines.

  • I really want some Jollibee rn 😩

  • Sorry. I laughed hard at 'Kubeyo'. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

  • Gordan Ramsey I can take food advise from he is a world renound chef and what are you qualifications other than looking for youtube fame??????

  • Keith puts gravy on rice The Filipinos:now your learning!

  • How did I just now know that this episode exists!!!!!!

  • Where is the coke float

  • "il try it with gravy, idk if your supposed to?" filipinos: *yes thats our jolly ritual*

  • Putting gravy on rice is the most Filipino thing to do

  • ppl that got triggered bc they didnt mix the palabok and spaghetti I v

  • I would love to know the price :)

  • Well couldn't blame him even as a Filipino i don't even like the hotdogs at Jollibee

  • So craving for Jollibee for weeks after watching this!!!! Penge Jabee

  • “I’m talking 5mil in a week” 3 months later and it’s at 3.5 :/