Korean Corn Dogs Challenge • The Food Babies

Datum objavljivanja: 10. Ožu 2021.
I don't think your ready for all this stretchyyy! The Food Babies are back and ready for their next challenge! Who do you think will will in this Korean Corn Dog Competition?
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  • What challenge should #TheFoodBabies try next?!

  • dammmmnn Pls ship it to holland, i'm hungry :D

  • Keith docking the corndogs

  • I just realized i accidentally did the noodle challenge in accident cause I didn’t know what it said and it was the cheese....I finished the whole bowl

  • So sad ... I was in LA last month and forgot all about Korean corn dogs 😭

  • As NCT Hollywood is happening so can kim martin debut ? 😌

  • Keith is kind of a f-ed up boss

  • Watching this while fasting makes me suuuper hungry 😂

  • I love watching your videos! They are so entertaining and I love to watch you all eat lots of food like this :)

  • Martin Kim has Jaehyun vibes from NCT 127.

  • Alex and YB are both like the whole dang package, funny, sweet, beautiful, obviously smart, plus they love to eat. GOALS✨

  • dude martin kim kinda resembles Ahn Jae-hyun

  • YB looks like the female version of han jisung from skz

  • Never heard a Kor-Am bruv with that twang before 😂

  • the supervisor of the store is kinda cute o-

  • Keith, my man, I’m poor stop selling this sauce so hard.

  • I wonder what are the other names of the Food babies in the intro? Can anyone help me? Dumpster diva Mukbang mamas

  • It’s impossible to scroll past a thumbnail with Alex and YB. I love them so much! They’re the kind of people you’d meet in real life and become determined to be friends with.

  • Big bowl of pho

  • i'm convinced yall are only thirsting for martin to get free corn dogs

  • I couldn't even finish one of these Korean hotdogs, they look so filling! ALso, Keith does have a brown shirt, he wore it in the fire cupping video and was 1/3 of the cheese toasty! lol

  • Can we please give some credit to the guy explaining the Korean corn dog? He’s so cute - probably never seen the Try Guys 😂😂

  • Omg these looks so fucking good I’d literally kill for one.

  • This video never stops playing there

  • Help, I'm thirsty for the supervisor

  • UHH where is Trisha Paytas shout out? I learned about these from her

    • She didnt make them and she is a horrible person so she deserves no shoutout

  • Love the Food Babies, more please!

  • That thumbs up at the end had me dying!!! hahahah!

  • Kieth looks so stoned in this.

  • Oh my god!! Watching them eating makes me hungry. I need food QvQ

  • "I don't HAAAAAVE a brown a shirt" LMAO THE SASS

  • okay but the mochidochi dude is really cute

  • keith, your shirt still worked out, you are relish! lol

  • I've never had corndogs in my life and I also have never felt so much jealousy in my life

  • guess who’s flying to mochi dochi after corona..

  • Wait do YB and Alex live together ?? If so that’s adorable

  • Keith is relish with the green shirt

  • Rice cake

  • really enjoyed watching Keith descend into a corn-dog induced delirium.

  • Even in the old videos whenever Keith is full it’s the equivalent of Keith being a drunk

  • What is the point of the speed round? Seems wasteful to order nice food just to scarf it down without appreciating it.

  • Korean style fusion food = Bulgogi burger & Bulgogi burrito & Burgogi pizza & Cheese potato corn dog (+sugar) & Korean fried spicy seasoned chicken (in red pepper paste sauce) Dakgalbi + Mozzarella cheese & Cheese Tteokbokki (Rose paste) & Budae jjigae + Spam and Cheddar cheese and baked beans etc.

  • 9:50 I like the teamwork involved during this segment

  • The sound effects are hilarious 😂

  • YB is the GOAT!!!

  • MT his voice is soothing lol

  • I’m mildly horrified that Alex and YB fell asleep watching human centipede and then in the morning finished the movie

  • Yb: mustard Alex: ketchup Keith: blue cheese

  • lol the cheese pull!

  • Martin Kim guy looks like who could be in a group NCT or sth holy

  • Has nobody noticed Keith's style seems to be just getting better and better? Likeee yes?

  • Why is that the donuts look like how we have poi mochi donuts down here

  • I love the food babies series

  • Keith and YB: carefully grabbing Alex's corndog by the stick Alex: puts her fingers all over Keith and YB's corndogs

  • Keith's jump it was so smooth

  • 18:07 this moment is literally so dad-ish of Keith, doing whatever random things his good daughters request

  • Is it just me or the way the guy from the restaurant speaks remind you of Jaehyun from NCT....

  • Is it just me or are they still in coronavirus time since it says 1 month

    • Yeah they are but it sais at the beginning that everyone in the video including the crew had tested negative

  • Have the food babies done fire noodle challenge

  • The name “Food Babies” makes me feel weird.

  • These are eeeeeeeeverywhere in Korea

  • is keith okay 💀

  • I replayed thrice just for Martin

  • Looks amazing! Just saying though, wouldn't it be a rice dog?

  • damn that sauce looks good

  • Is Martin single?!?!?!??!?

  • is the sugar in the batter optional?

  • I would love to have a son like Keith. He is willing to eat anything and he would be a easy boy to feed.

  • More food babies please!!

  • The food babies need their own show!

  • Wow he is slowly going into a food coma...lol

  • Michael Scott will have field day with thats what she said jokes

  • Not me panic ordering corndogs after watching this video

  • i am distracted by the mochi dochi guy.. he's cute as fuck😳

  • Since Keith is wearing a green T-shirt he could be relish and all three of them can be condemints.

  • Fun fact: the flaming hot Cheeto is 50,000 on the Scoville scale which makes it a lot spicier than the sauces they were eating in the video 😂 Edit: except the last one obviously

  • Martin is super handsome owo

  • Do you think Keith keeps his sauces in a holster on his hip so he can whip one out as needed?

  • Ned

  • Martin looks like doyoung from NCT127...

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  • YB finally felt the heat 🤣🥰👑

  • Woowowow , 90 types 😊👑

  • Had those before in San Diego. So good. Sweet and oily and protein-filled. Super calorie-dense though. The half Mozz half hot dog is EXCELLENT.

  • Corn on the cob but instead of the corn bone it’s a hotdog

  • Keith sounds exactly like Mr. Poopybutthole

  • I’m craving these corndogs now......

  • Is it bussin?

  • That is a "SOWSAGE" Keith. That is correct

  • Is it Bussin Bussin😌

  • More seafood

  • I also call the breading of a corndog its jacket lmao

  • i have never craved anything this much

  • I love the girls! Need more eps w them!!!

  • keith sounds like Candace when she eats wild parsnips

  • Was Keith drunk during this?

  • Uggggh makes me wanna buy food at hmart but it'd require taki g the train.

  • well...it's not a corndog if it's not with cornmeal tho? awww wanna try this...

  • I wanna try these so badly

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