Reacting To Your Meanest Comments (Part 2)

Datum objavljivanja: 7. Tra 2021.
The comment monsters are back and ready to roast us! Give us your best mean, thirsty, sweet and salty comments below!
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  • Thirsty comments for Keith only... GO!

    • Ok, but look @ Keith's face and tell me he isn't Jani Lane's long lost sibling!

    • This is a thirst comment for Keith. You're welcome.

    • Imagine the things Keith could do with that big mouth of his

    • Keith seems like a nice husband and cat dad

    • Keiths wife tho,

  • Keith....the entire world fits in your mouth....that is awesome....just saying

  • Will...please...believe when I´re beautiful, great mullet by the way ;)

  • my wife n i have talked about this but i think keith and eugene put together as 1 person would be the ideal boyfriend

  • I would give a big hug to Will. Such a nice guy, he deserve some love.

  • Will deflecting the comments about himself had me so sad, he's literally so handsome

  • I was rewatching the music video for pretty fly (for a white guy) by The Offspring, and the guy reminds me of a young Keith.

  • Ned is my favorite

  • Miles sounds like the narrator from jackbox games and I hate it

    • ok but he does

  • Keith feels like a big brother/dad, it's hard to be thirsty for him.

  • I want Eugene to just be bombarded with nice comments for 15 min


  • This is the first time I've seen a mullet actually look good, and I hate that I've had that thought. How dare you good sir. How dare you make a fashion travesty look fabulous.

  • They are all great. Zack talking about mental health, he helps people have hope. It makes me feel like maybe being alive and happy is possible. Some people out there don't have support in their lives or very few supporting them and people showing happiness is possible is everything. I love them all, they are amazing.

  • 16:51 legend has it Sam is till laughing till this day

  • I finally remember where the Eugene’s butt is still broken. It’s from the bone cracking video.

  • i love will so much hes so hot i love his eyes and his beautiful mullet

  • Keith makes me want to drink water or something idk I’m ace...

  • all of the try guys are extremely attractive just for different reasons

  • I've got a mullet myself and let me say will, mullets are just as sexual on women. Let's make some magic baby, let the mullets collide

  • ned is a dilf , but keth has the most dilf energy. '

  • i feel so bad for keth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the chris evans comparison killed me

  • Will is very handsome. Such pretty eyes! 👀

  • My name is Mikayla and when Zach said my name, I gasped so loud because it was so unexpected and I started fanning myself

  • I love Eugene

  • I thought the same thing about Zach's "thigh slap", doe. XD

  • If Eugene liked woman and wasn’t old enough to be my uncle he could totally get it😌

    • Ya know what fuck that! He can still get this😜

  • I want Keith to choke me out period 🥶🥵🥵

  • Gawd. Keith it might not be truly thirsty... but you are one of the few people I can watch eat. So peeps that say bad stuff... boo.

  • Will does have nice eyes.

  • 18:02 “grandmas favorite”!!!

  • I just want to run into Zach at a party and have a passionate make-out session where we then part ways and never see each other again.

  • Eugene me are both Capricorn. Tho he is a queen while I'm a potato 😂😂

  • I adore Zach’s confidence.

  • Seeing Will makes me thirsty

  • Gosh, I don't know these commenters are so obnoxious. I have been a huge fan of the Try Guys. Eugene, Keith, Ned, and Zach are really fantastic. Oh, I like Zach, he's really cute. If you can't bear watching their videos, better shut the f up.

  • Will I like you're shirt Ned you're a great dad Zach you're cool Keith you're great at eating Eugene you are amazing you are my favorite I love how you always find a way to add alcohol into everything and I look up to you for that you are handsome well done on getting a boyfriend congrats on coming out as gay I support you all the way -Aiko a fellow lgbtq+member (I'm pansexual)

  • WTF I thought you were a Taurus too Eugene! I swear I thought one of your shows had mentioned it. So weird, you feel like a Taurus to me (I'm one myself) and not at all like the Capricorns I've known. Shows you how things get skewed when you only know the online presence, not the man. I'm sure the same is true for Zach and his crosswords too. :)

  • Who else thinks the try guys should play magic the gathering against a pro? I know I do


  • Wait do people actually say "why is no one talking about x person" as in "they are hot"? *confused asexual noises *

  • i hhave a crushs on will now. thqat is all.

  • 0:25 please will is so adorable ;-;

  • not me crying after the nice comments. i love you guys so much. you bring happiness to my life and just make everything better. thank you

  • Zach is actually pretty cute without his glasses

  • You know something that I find so funny for no reason? I recently showed my dad one off the try guys videos and it is so hilarious to me how surprised he was that Eugene was the only one who was gay, he was very convinced that all of them were gay especially Keith lmaoo thanks dad. 👍

  • Honestly Keith reminds me so much of my own husband with his personality, so yeah Becky well done! That's as thirsty as I'll get on here.

  • I love Keith I am obsessed

  • Naw this is a sad video

  • No but Keith is actually so attractive. Like his height and his personality are just >>>>>> and his wife???? THATS A PLUS! Becky the hottest try wife of all. Hottest couple for sure

  • Miles makes me not want to watch these videos. Like he’s cool but too extra lol

  • y'all sleeping on keith. he could hit me with a goddamn truck and I'd still simp. I SAID WHAT I SAID, I'M NOT AFRAID OF YOU BECKY

  • shawn mendes wishes he looked like keith

  • Would TOTALY do a three way with all the try guys and there wife's . Sorry eugunie.

  • For like the last year, every single video I'm like, "Dang...Keith is so handsome!" Like a fine wine, his vibe just gets better and better with age.

  • The try guys need a Twitch Channel where they do random stuff

  • Keith dont be sad - EVERYONE knows the tall lanky boys are the ones absolutely PACKING below the belt 😉

  • Honestly Zack is my absolute favorite and I'm so happy that he found the amazing and gorgeous Maggie. Those two are wonderful together and it's a privilege to watch them go through milestones together like getting engaged.

  • teehee i have the same water glasses as ned, thanks ikea for making me feel special

  • @keith your laugh is amazingly adorable and contagious!!! 🥰 oh yeah and you’re mouth makes me envious 😉

  • There’s no way that I was the only one who cried with the nice comments

  • Eugene has the pretty privilege

  • Will and Eugene's hair is like the reverse of each other

  • Will seems hella sweet and he's so cute sometime needs to show him his beauty. Sam is adors ble too. Love these videos

  • keith is a tall glass of water.

  • Why am I always crying on the nice comments??? 😭

  • Love how positive (and thirsty) the comment section is

  • The o.g. wiggles are KING, no one can convince me otherwise

  • Keith was so beautiful dress in drag.

  • Ned is giving me white dad being awkward hate


  • Whenever I can't sleep, I eat in the middle of the night and watch Keith's Eat The Menu videos. It makes me feel like I have a friend with me. Yes, there are times when he just complains about the food, and his thoughts turn a bit into mush whenever he gets food-drunk. But he never fails to make me laugh and keep me company, every single time. Thanks, Keith.

  • Ned, I hate to tell you, but being a loving father and husband makes you very appealing to A LOT of people

  • Eugene saying nice things about the other guys for about a full minute just made my day 💚

  • keith in bondages bending over. thoughts?

  • Keith has yaoi hands


  • My my that Keith is a tall glass of water~

  • I want more of these

  • I love how they include people who work for them and give them the recognition they deserve

  • I truly love each of the try guys! Each of them gives me something I didn’t know I needed but after I got it I can’t live without it! Ps Keith is hot! He reminds me of my high school bf! Just saying!

  • The one with zack looking like an acountant with glasess reminded me of my BF and wen i met him he looked like a smart acountant and he was alsow my friends brother lol

  • thank you youtube for sending me to try guys video, I had just been betrayed by some online friends and needed to laugh, and here's youtube telling me to watch the try guys and making me laugh.

  • I hate eugenes ugly beard

  • I'm somewhat surprised Ned didn't have to pee before the video was done.

  • The top reason I love the Try Guys! They get it from all levels!!♥

  • I want nick to be my fathee

  • I love will

  • I feel like we're not considering that the youtube guidelines may be restricting the thirst comment that you can find/that we can leave

  • I am rewatching try guys videos specifically for their staff. Mainly Jonathan and Will. Thank you for any content you have with them, Try Guys. I don’t want to push having them in more videos... know what the people want.

  • Every weekend I go back home to watch Try Guys with my mother where we laugh with (and sometimes at) the guys together :3

  • Listen. I’ve told multiple people I have a weird thing for Keith. Apparently it’s not that weird. However I have no desire to fight Becky because she could beat my ass.

  • Zach looks really handsome in this video

  • Noooo Keith, you're so pretty, why no thirst comments for Keith? Comment section, do better


  • Liberal Garbage Cans

  • What surprises me the most about all of you is that the three straight ones look the gayest and the only gay one looks the most straight. May or may not have made this up just to see if I can be in Part 3.

  • Zach has the same mic as me. This makes me feel good for some reason.

  • Do ppl who watch our videos thinking we will succeed 😂😂 my whole mood lol emphasis on "try"