The Try Guys Try Drag For The First Time (Re-tucked)

Datum objavljivanja: 28. Tra 2021.
We're throwing it back to our OG Try Guys Try Drag video and giving you guys all the goods!
Welcome to Try Guys REDUX, the series where we show you all the UNSEEN footage that was lost in the original edits from our BuzzFeed days. We're opening up the TRY VAULT baby, enjoy the extended cut!
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  • What EXTENDED cuts do you guys wanna see next?

  • The first ex-husband suggestively squeal because nurse topologically taste until a wasteful internet. panoramic, utopian creditor

  • Zach looks like Darryl Hannah from Blade Runner.

  • Keith sounds like Herman Munster. LOL

  • Y’all….wild idea. Try Guys retry their Drag Queen looks WITHOUT their mothers. Then, their mothers’ will judge them on how well they did.

  • ok, that dudes dad is awesome.. "do we need to buy you some boobies?" hell ya pops. awesome!!!! :)

  • Amanda Plawyth

  • Drag Queen Lesson 1: Beauty is pain

  • This makes it actually feel like a complete video and process. I am glad you guys posted it!

  • They were all wonderful but Keith and Zach definitely were my favs

  • Gotta love how Keith's eyeshadow is the colors of the Nonbinary pride flag.

  • Can you guys try AERIAL SILK DANCING?

  • This is beautiful. So glad for the new cut.

  • i LOVEEE how mitsy did keith’s makeup like omg.

  • So this is what happens when you drink too much soymilk.

  • Zack Snyder's Try guys try drag.

  • 12:30 It's Marco from Next in Fashion!!!!!

  • The GAY PANIC from Eugene throughout the episode gives me anxiety. Like it's so obvious now looking back, but like v frhvbifrvjornj 16:33 "Should not most... (side glance) gay men understand the art of drag and that it's like a performance" 21:02 And Eugene there acting like he never wore heels before, girl please. You fucking rock heels, you def wore your moms or sister before

  • Try this with all black men;-)

  • I am praying that they have more footage of the Try guys trying heels for a nightout

  • The purple haired one looked kinda like Sombra and she got

  • It’s kinda funny seeing Eugene be “Straight” but we now know that he had been dating Matt when he made the og video

  • 18:25 that little äyo"made my whole day lmfao those grandmas in the front row lmao

  • Who is the lady at 36:46?? She looks so familiar!!

  • I completely forgot how great the video already was. And this cut made it so much better💖

  • When Mayhem was asked how many drag daughters she had, and her response was " I need to get my tubes tied" was everything!!!

  • Cheyenne Pepper is amazing!

  • LOVE Spread the word Honies!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!! MMMMWAAHH!!! KISSES!!! With Love, Big Mama Mae Cabaret/drag queen! :)

  • "-She likes dogs. "HAHAHAUAUAHAHAUA

  • eugene talking about how gay people should accept drag queens made me really sad bc i forgot he wasn’t out yet

  • ngl it was scary but it was the bestest thing ever i'm even gonna bother spelling it right

  • Maggie appearing when Zach says I'm single as 💩😂

  • Sexy bitches! It looks like you queens 👸🏼 had a lot of fun 🤩

  • The tawdry missile systematically empty because plaster perinatally listen off a fuzzy dinosaur. puzzling, abashed son

  • Me and my mom watched this and she loved it! She likes Keith the most bc he's very entertaining then Ned for having the prettiest look but I like Eugene's look better hahaha

  • 18:31 is so funny to me LMFAOO the way he just drops it in randomly and offers up no explanation about the stalker thing

  • You could see the creation of Everyone just so much clearer. (Eugenes sisters seems way more supportive when you see more footage)

  • I loved this

  • So, was no one else surprised when Eugene came out? Like YASSS QUEEN!

  • The last one looked like a cross between, Nancy Grace, Lady Gaga, and Liza Minelli.

  • such ugly buggers

  • That's was sooo fun to watch! I wanna see that again

  • i started watching not realizing how long this was but then remembered how this video was 100% part of how i realized i was a trans guy so i cant stop now

  • Props for trying heels

  • Okay, it's really bothering me how much Allusia looks like Pandora Boxx. Anyone else?

  • My drag name is Sis Gendah

  • I'm wondering when Eugene is going to go pro. I'll pay!!

  • Nice! That is awesome.

  • Ok but like, release the full performances with the actual songs on the side somewhere pleaaasseee?

  • All I need to say is “and that was just some foreshadowing bitches”

  • Beta

  • Much as I enjoyed the original video, this is SO much better!!!!

  • 'do we need to buy you some boobies?' 😂

  • When Danse Macabre started playing, I about lost my shit. I fucking LOVE that song.

  • Bruh shane was in this video from buzzfeed unsolved hes at 0:50 walking past

  • Bruh shane was in this video from buzzfeed unsolved hes at 0:50 walking past

  • I don't like going out to clubs but this was the most funniest thing I've ever seen it was amazing I felt like I was really there and that was cool without filling not confident this is just fun the Chinese guy Asian guy oh my God he nailed it he was so damn gorgeousI do hope you revisit again with more confident longer scenes basically you just now there was really cute

  • This basically made even knowing they did this, totally worth it. The original cut was a travesty by comparison.

  • I hear that Ratched music

  • The buzzfeed version made it look like they did a terrible job in drag but in this version they all did awesome!

  • Keith and Becky's wedding!! Extended!!!

  • I still remember Eugene going "If I'm gonna be a lady, I'm going to be a classy my mother" and then there's another scene of Eugene yelling "WHERE'S MY PANTS?!?!"

  • Now this video is so much more enjoyable than the first drag one. I love to see all the backstage banter.

  • "We're gonna win"....Eugene slayed LOL

  • I'm even more crushing on Eugene!! He's just so cool....and sexy....and emotive.

  • I forgot how hot Ned was in drag,, I'd love if they did this again in 2021 👀


  • I love Ned so much, this video just reinforced that for me!

  • I love that we got an extended version, but I feel like they did Ned so dirty TT. It feels like he got the rudest queen to take care of him. I'd really like to see Ned get pampered, encouraged, and taken care of in the future

  • i wanna see them redo drag now esp eugene

  • If you decide to do this again you guys should meet up with f1nn5terlive!

  • Eugene had a combo of Liza, & Courtney goin' on

  • The fact that three are straight and aren't scared to try drag. Applause fellas, you are amazing.

  • Would'a waxed Y'all!!! Total Virgin hair!!!

  • this is one of my favorite try guys videos of all time and when i tell you i SCREAMED when i saw this was a redone version i’m so flipping excited!!!

  • Why does Zach look the best out of everybody?


  • For everyone saying they should have said retucked, they listened!

  • Great job at Drag guys!!!

  • I want to know how they got the footage back from buzzfeed. Those were some stiff negotiations.

  • I can’t believe they made it so short originally, such good content

  • Absolutely love this well done

  • Is mr hyde the drag or the non drag part?

  • Baby try guys! How far you’ve come 🥰

  • Keith is giving me lady Dimitrscu realness, with his height

  • The Drag video was one of my favorites from you guys and I rewatched to an ungodly amount. But this - holy moly. There's so much we haven't seen, and it makes me so happy!

  • Amaaaazing video guy's :) I love to see you support minority groups

  • Is it weird that I think everyone should try to learn how to walk in heels at some point around age 12? That's when I learned and I know I'm AFAB and my brother never learned but I feel like he should've. idk maybe i'm just weird

  • I never understood Keith’s line, “I didn’t think i was gonna be dumb enough” from the first video until now

  • How is Eugene always so pretty!

  • new favorite video!!

  • keith kinda reminds me of laganja estranja here (makeup wise)

  • Ok but who got the most money

  • when Danse Macabre started playing when they put on high heels... perfection

  • Mayhem is so gorgeous.

  • It's so funny that THIS VIDEO awhile back was my sexual awakening as a gay man lmao

  • 0:36 I started to scream that my uncle omg

  • Keith and Eugene are my definite favorites

  • one of my favorite videos you guys ever did was the ancient greek olympics one. i'd love to see the extended version of that one!

  • i fall in love with keith more and more each video!!!!!!!!