The Try Guys Wear 1800s Bridgerton Dresses

Datum objavljivanja: 3. Vel 2021.
Is this not lovely? All of us together again? Dear readers, please do enjoy this most stunning display of the season's best Bridgerton fashion as The Try Guys try Regency Era gowns for the very first time!
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  • This is not what corsets were like then btw also they were called stays

  • They didn't quite wear corsets until the Victorian era so stays were worn instead but I'm guessing there just saying corset because more people are familiar with that word but they look like stats

  • The Guys are so comfortable in drag, it’s awesome!

  • Keith you might have shaved first...

  • Keith sounds like David Walliams in little Britain

  • Wasn't the regency when George the 4th was the Prince regent for George the 3rd?

  • Ugh, you guys are grotesque. It makes me wonder if I am actually gay how much you all repulse me.

  • Ned and Zach got wait too excited for this. 😂

  • watching zach put on the stays upside down, I was laughing so much

  • "Depression is just this fun thing I keep around" That's a direct quote lol

  • 10:38 sorry it’s just so cute 😊

  • Zack wearing the stay upside-down lmaoooook

  • I love you Zach but you just made a stupid stereotype lol ,be careful someone might take the joke wrong 😬

  • “Showing off my scoliosis and farmers tan... very hot.” My new summer motto 😂

  • I like how they all put on the chemise backwards except for Eugene lol

  • is it just me or is Keith sounding a lot like Salad Fingers?

  • I just finished watching Anne With An E and I live for thissss

  • Ned is wearing more of an opera dress but still, *chefs kiss*

  • The Try Wives need their own Channel.

  • Tight lacing wasn't really a thing. Yes it happened but it wasn't common. it's more common to find those kinds of corsets bc they survived bc they were used less.

  • Ned looks a bit like rose from titanic hajaha lol 🤣

  • I am laughing so hard! Thank you for this!! Love that Zach is wearing his corset upside down, it just made my day!

  • God I HATE how Eugene just pulls everything off FLAWLESSLY

  • Lady Spiderdown! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ned showcasing his dad humor with shemist and lady spiderdown comments is adorable

  • *me cringing at the mispronunciation of the clothing*

  • This was so much fun, a laugh a second, fer sure. Belated Happy Birthday, Eugene 🌼

  • ok but they couldn't figure out how to adjust the STRAPS omg of course your titties are out

  • keith looks like a real life wallace and grommit character

  • Wonder if their partners tried it on after they did.

  • I'm presuming this applies mostly to the upper class.

  • I'd love more videos like this ahh

  • I don't wanna be that person but.... It's stays - not a corset.

  • "WHAT? I GOTTA PAY MONEY? WHEN I LOOK LIKE THIS???" same Ned. Same. Lmao


  • Eugene going that extra step by putting on one of his wigs is very him

  • We need more of them trying on historical woman dress

  • *Cry laugh in Historian*


  • you are never to put a corset on bair skin, that’s why chemises are light, and extremely flows,it was supposed to feel like skin,corsets had whalebone or steel made into them,imagine if it poked you, plus xou’d notice of the chemise was torn because of the lining

  • Alright, lets do the chimsit

  • Zachs utter awe for the mid thigh socks tho 🤣😆

  • Zach no why is it upside down

  • Eugene can wear anything and make it work v well

  • it was so cute seeing Ned put together what dowry is, while it's still a prevalent custom in our motherland.

  • NOT CORSETS, STAYS, and people put them on by themselves all the time....

  • 1:31 Victorian period ended in 1901. You know when queen Victoria died. Not 1910. 5:29 The ‘corset’ was called stays. And the most commons style for the era were short stays. They style they chose was wrong for the desired body shape

  • “do you like the stocking” “yeah” “eew” GOLD

  • 10:30 the incredible lady spider down was everything😂

  • "1800s time they'd be tying this so much tighter." no they wouldn't. well maybe if you just didn't tighten it at all. but tight lacing was never a day to day practice. you'd lace it as tight as you need for breast support and that's about it.

  • everyone trying to pronounce chemise and just butcher it and Eugene just gets it right immediately

  • Eugene: I need help from my man servant Eugene : MaTTt

  • keith's lady British accent sounds like a drunk Australia trying to do the accent

  • Thank you Eugene for the proper pronunciation of Chemise 😂😂


  • lol those corsets were definitely too small

  • Comedy gold right here. Plus, you guys are so comfortably masculine and that's super refreshing!

  • Eugene's dress makes me think of Amy Adams from Enchanted

  • As someone who loves corsets and wants a corset.... Zach having his upside down pains me

  • A video where somehow Ned looks better wearing a dress than Eugene...

  • lord zoomington

  • Everyone’s fancy names for Eugene are phenomenal In particular, “Lady Yangledown”

  • we used to have the biggest balls

  • That moment u realize the 1800 never went out of fashion...

  • Hilarious actually lolled

  • Kay, zack sucks

  • White man is uninterested in period pieces because he thinks it’s only women desperate to find a white man. SHOCKING.

  • Lady Fulbottom is haught 🙌🏼

  • The evolution of keiths accent over the coarse of the video was delightfull


  • Happy belated birthday to Eugene.

  • I loved Keith’s Tax The Rich spew

  • Happy Birthday Eugene!!! 🎂

  • Also for anyone curious the Victorian era is 1837 to 1901. Queen Victoria ruled over the UK for a long time.

  • Eugene got the pronunciation of chemise. The "ch" is pronounced like "sh" and the "mise" is pronounced like the pronunciation of the word "mis" in Spanish. The "mi" is pronounced more like "me".

  • Wait, actual regency dresses or Bridgerton dresses? Because there is a significant difference. Bridgerton was not trying to be historically accurate. Bridgerton dresses are historically inspired but not quite historical. Either way is fine and fun but just to clarify. Bridgerton is not trying to be historically accurate it's alternate history. It combines multiple eras is fashion history focusing primarily on Georgian and Regency so mid to late 1700s and very early 1800s. Bridgerton also took a little Victorian inspiration in places but not much. It takes these periods and combines them with a very modern take by making them look more modern in style and using many modern fabrics and materials, and techniques. So it is primarily Regency era inspired but it isn't actually Regency or considered actual historical dress. It could be considered alternative history Regency.

  • I love that there are always at least two dogs watching Eugene during shooting. 🥰

  • Zach’s British accent is low-key kinda good.

  • "I used to be a chemise" LMAOO

  • Had eugune been in that era, (s)he would be 'diamond of the season'.

  • I just love how they bust the ass of toxic masculinity!!

  • So real talk where can we buy the chemise :)

  • I see these videos and it makes me think of how in the future people are going to be wearing, crocs, tie dye, and sweats as 2020/2021 era clothes

  • I came back to this video to say Keith is hot, full speed

  • Keith’s persona he ended up taking on reminds me of David walliams character in little Britain who’s catchphrase was “I’m a lady” (yes this was incredibly insensitive and there are a lot of problems with the types of jokes made in that show, but it was made in a different time)

  • why did keith's accent sound like david walliams when he's narrating the female characters in his books?

  • Is that beautiful bowl of corn at 1:36?

  • Keith’s accent sounds so Australian to me rather than British. 😭

  • The way Zach said "How come we didn't get wigs? You look dope!" was so freaking cute!

  • It's not a corset, they are stays. Stays are shorter and not at all constrictive. They were used primarily for breast support, basically they were the bras of the era.

  • As a french canadian, hearing Eugene say: "Chemise" the right way makes me soooooo happy

  • They should do traditional men's aswell

  • Not to throw shade, but Eugene was the only one who shaved. XD

  • Matt looked like yes what ever when Eugene called him man servant 😂😂😂

  • i wanna know about where they got those dresses adjsk

  • Happy birthday Eugene

  • Ned at peak dad jokes

  • somehow this video eased some dysphoria for me especially when keith was talking about his titties

  • i love that eugene kept gay horse