The Try Guys Draw Nude Self Portraits

Datum objavljivanja: 13. Vel 2021.
Well I bet y'all never saw this one comin! Should we just call this the try not to blush challenge? Watch us try to paint ourselves like french girls in this special nude self-portraits episode! Here we go!
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  • any money Keith always has sex with his socks on

  • This vid is definitely shadowbanned by HRdown

  • the try guys are our lost brothers

  • Zach sharing his personal growth about his body literally warmed my heart. Him opening up about how he had always viewed himself as weak and scrawny bc of his autoimmune disease and shape and then sharing how his mindset has done a complete 180 is so amazing

  • There is nothing quite like getting drunk and seeing these videos and laughing your butt off but yet feeling comfortable

  • The clever pillow embryologically fasten because brazil computationally puncture next a trashy profit. onerous, robust psychology

  • keith is a god, he is everything and more

  • Eugene!! Why did you have to go off like that! 😍

  • I’m only 6 minutes in(I’m late I know) but I just wanna say that I feel like Zach has gotten more confident over the past few years. I think the hair restoration really did help him and I love that for him. He /looks/ more confident

  • Nobody’s talking about how Zack doesn’t like his body I think that he is so elegant looking like does anyone else? Bc even with his chest hair is masculine yet elegant

  • 2:10 I wonder where that sound in the background comes from O_O

  • Just sad.

  • Give me a one Ps5

  • BBG DATE ME and tell your address:)

  • Look bbg wanna date?

  • Keith should have drawn a bottle of his hot sauce for his... think it would have been way better.

  • ok, now i wanna get naked in front of my mirror and draw myself lol. but, sadly, im a transboy, just thinking about doing this, my dysphoria starts to appear

  • I pray for all the editors of this company

  • I love how they don’t care about eugenes sexuality and aren’t like some straight men and act grossed out by being friends and being open like that with him

  • Ariel: oH mYy.... oHH, is this keith?😃

  • Let’s not talk about 4:40 Why did nobody blur that? Why editor why?

  • Here's a sentence I thought I'd never hear.. "You did a good job shading those testicles" =)))

  • Such a wholesome video:)

  • if you actually look at zac he actually has a really nice body, not to sound weird or anything lmfao

  • "is this keith''

  • Ned's wedding ring is on the wrong hand lol

  • Eugene's looked so professional

  • Zack's thought process of drawing the things he was insecure about more colorful and vibrant is so wonderful. This video made me kinda wanna do this because maybe like Eugene - i can see myself differently and not be so hard on myself. And at the same time, highlight the things I hated about myself and show myself that I am beautiful. This was a wholesome video. This is the shit i love. Thank you♡

  • Can we talk about them discussing how hard it is to draw hands, the most artist thing ever-

  • I chose a good video to watch while eating lol

  • Show it

  • "oh! is this keith!?" i'm wheezing omg

  • How is it possible, that Eugene's drawing of his hand looks so perfect ? HOW? I hate drawing hands, it's so hard 😭


  • i dont know what is with ariel, but every words that came out from her mouth really can touch us the viewers... ned is very lucky to have ariel as his wife... go ariel...

  • We love men being so body positive. This video is important. We love self love!!!

  • "Is this Keith?" I'm dead.

  • all them and their partners are so stunning, we love to see it


  • Did Ned move where was he filming?

  • I wanna buy the last one

  • I was doing good until Maggie just stared at the camera and asked “Why is this framed?”

  • keith gave off dad vibes in this video oddly

  • this was an amazing video on body positivity and self image :,,)

  • "The try ¾ guys"

  • No ones talking about how KEITH DIDNT PUT A TOWEL ON THE STOOL WHY KEITH

  • Editors job this whole video: Spot checking for d**k slips and finding as much phallic shape content as possible for B-role

  • Iconic. *smack* *smack*

  • What if they did try guys photoshop themselves

  • R.I.P to the editors though😂

  • Is anybody going to talk about how nice the lighting in Zach's room is??

  • jeez is Eugene bad at anything!? wow.

  • Why does Keith’s portrait look like Hank Hill? 😂

  • All of these are impressive for first tries but holy fuck Eugenes looks awesome!

  • "Is it Keith?" LMAOOOOOO

  • Keith: how do you draw when you can't draw? me: *dies of laughter* same bro, same

  • ok but can we talk about how good zach looks in this lighting?? like this man could be a model

  • I love zach reclaiming the things he didn’t like about himself growing up Like actually tearing up over here

  • Okay, but Eugenes is actually really good. From the start, really really good art.

  • This video was SO deep. And DAMN Eugene can draw! ... And now they move onto drawing their dongs 🤣

  • honestly, it is so fucking annoying to me. Is Eugene just good at everything? Does he prep before these videos? Like come on! No formal art background? Really impressive dude!

  • If someone REALLY wanted to see the try guys dick take a screen shot and zoom in to the phone or camera thing but it will be a bit blurry! But if you do that’s just a bit weird

  • They are so beautiful. That slap noise though...

  • zach...

  • How is Eugene good at everything??


  • I love how eugene is just like right in front of a window

  • Cringe

  • No one: Zach @2:10 : *schmack schmack*

  • Eugene should be a fucking artist god damn...i have been doing art for fun for like 5 years now and still cant draw hans right and eugenr nailed it.....GOD DAYUM

  • i love how ariel just wears her husband’s merch

  • I love how Ariel thought it was Keith

  • the first reaction from eo maggie: why. why is this framed. becky: WHY WOULD YOU DRAW YOUR BALLSACK LIKE THAT matt: you're naked! don't look! *covers with kimbap paw*

  • Maggie & Bowie have the exact same facial expression at the reveal lol

  • I loved Zach's, it communicated so much

  • zach should've included his ankles ! they're the best part !!!

  • Zach has a nice body, they all do, but for some reason his really stood out to me. Maybe cuz of the way he filmed. He was just glowing

  • I like that even Bowie looked shocked

  • Even boe was like "dad, wtf"

  • Ned

  • Why is Eugene so good at everything

  • I love how Keith included body rolls

  • The poor Editor... XD

  • So we're not even going to discuss the topless overalls look? ok.

  • Of course Eugene would be amazing at drawing! Lol

  • "that dudes blessed"

  • Anyone else here from the comments video?

  • If you're here from the last video it's 02:10

  • Who else is here after the thirsty comments part 2 vid for Zach’s... you know... sound

  • 10:05 Zach, which head?

  • Eugene paints like a fricking Da Vinci, omg, I'm jealous for his bf

  • That Keith portraits looks just like Shane.

  • imagine a furry porn artist doing this

  • It would be an interesting thought experiment to redo the video without the mirror. How would you draw yourself from memory? Then you can compare how you see yourself in your head vs. how you see yourself in the mirror.

  • Eugene is so talented, his portrait was absolutely beautiful

  • They way ya'll show self appreciation after being uncomfortable with yourself is everything. Has me teary-eyed. As someone who's struggling with body issues it's very enlightening.

  • Ned's looking like he's about to start a OnlyFans live...kinda into it...

  • I love zack he is a good person

  • Everyone is self conscious except for Ned, cuz he was making his OnlyFans