Try Guys Extreme Ice Bath Challenge

Datum objavljivanja: 6. Ožu 2021.
Who's ready to take the plunge with us? It's about to get realll cold in here, ice cold baby, ice cold! Watch us try the extreme ice bath challenge! Get our new Try Guys slippers!
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  • Upon review we've re-edited this video. We've discovered the guest chosen has made past comments that do not align with our company values, and he's not someone we want to offer our platform. We appreciate our fans who pointed this out to us and regret that we didn't see your notes sooner. In the future we'll do our best to ensure we're more fully vetting the people we invite onto our channel and hope to use this as a learning opportunity. Thanks for watching and thanks for caring. -The Guys

    • I like how just because you have a different opinion from what's popular and they immediate get silenced. Both my mom and dad work at a hospital and haven't gotten vaccinated or sick. Let people have their own opinions.

    • @Sara Jordan then leave, their “views” are based in science and human decency. They don’t want to collaborate with people who promote pseudoscience because they believe in actual science and they trust doctors. Wow crazy people caring about their audience and not wanting to possibly expose them to false information.

    • @Jay Marr they aren't cancelling him. they just don't want to associate with him considering that his views don't align with the try guys company's

    • @Josh Adkins they didn't know he was an antivaxxer and pseudo scientist until people pointed it out. his opinions don't align with the opinions of the try guys company so they didn't want to be associated with him

    • @Eliza Carrie apparently he was removed because he is an antivaxxer and a pseudo scientist

  • Love you guys but what the fuck is happening

  • I love how they all collectively decided this shit wasn't worth it at the same time.

  • 4:04 Keith sounds like Zoidberg

  • whats on the back of keith's neck when hes in the shower

  • Zach is not in the tub all , he's not doin the challenge completely

  • 2:52 !!!

  • Should have asked Tim Hof (the iceman) to coach you guys Edit: oh nevermind, you knew about Tim Hof

  • I love how Eugene is cupping his balls lol and c’mon Keith and Zach, y’all don’t count barely even being in the water while Ned and Eugene are emerged up to their chest! Lol the whole tops of yalls legs and groin and torso are out of the water lol.

  • Keith reminds me of the giraffe from Madagascar

  • i have to have an ice bath for 8 minutes after every practice and game for soccer this would be easy

  • In Alaska the military have an event called the Polar Plunge where they cut a hole in the ice of a lake and jump in. Plus even in the summer time all the lakes are 30 or so.

  • Me who takes ice baths before every tournment...

  • this is how i act when getting in a swimming pool lmao

  • Kieth I have the exact same pair of trunks

  • I miss Maggie and Becky ..

  • Next time do it nekkid lol

  • Cries in Celsius

  • i do not enjoy seeing them in pain like this 😭

  • I love that Keith was showing us his mating call in this video. 😂

  • Their poor balls 😂

  • *Zach* outright *_cheated_** .*

  • *Try Guys:* _/dying_ . *Me watching:* enjoys cold baths and a _freezing_ shower in the Summer.

  • Gay horses just randomly in the background

  • It took alot to get ice delivered?? Are you guys so big now you can't stop at a mini-mart and pick up ice?

  • i love how keith turns into a turkey when exposed to cold

  • Keith turns into a pigeon in the cold water lmao

  • Can we appreciate how beautiful Eugene bathroom is

  • i love eugene but his erg form made me feel a little :(

  • Keith turning into a turkey in the shower lmao

  • Keith scream was everything 😂😂😂😂

  • 4:10 Keith channeling his inner turkey


  • Lmaoooo zach is just fucking hovering

  • Does anyone else start hyperventilating when the water gets too cold? Why does that happen?

  • Keith didnt do a very good thing, alternating from cold to hot especialy on his head and genital region is very bad for nerves and very bad for his brain

  • How I feel when I enter the pool

  • couldnt enjoy this video as much cause these men were in pain

  • Getting cold cold in your face is not recomended it could lower your hesr rate to a dangerous level.. also only putting your feel in hot water in a cold cold climaterio could kill you

  • Keith: if we can stay in for over 6.5 mins we can be on the bacheolor me: but Keith, none of you are bachelors...

  • I scrolled through the comment section for a *while* and I'm shocked to not have found a single comment about Eugene's suggestive noises

  • Bruh 50°F is nothing, that's shorts and t-shirt weather here in Minnesota

  • Ned

  • Zach cheated😂😂😂

  • Anyone else wonder whether some of the noises sounded sexual? Hahahahahaha

  • I am dying laughing at Keith and those ghost sounds lol

  • Congratulations to Keith on his work out journey you made so much progress

  • Eugene is almost fully submerged and then there is zach who isn't even in the water!

  • I know Keith doesn't like his facial hair but he actually looks really good with it 🥵 Ride that mustache Becky!

  • Just want to mention as a former athlete that the way they did ice bathes is wrong and potentially dangerous. In general it is common knowledge that your ice bath should be between 50-59 degrees Fahrenheit so the fact that all the try guys were below 50, and some significantly so, is a BIG no-no as it can take away the benefits by adding potentially dangerous risks, one being hypothermia. What I’m saying is, for viewers out there that are interested in trying ice bathes do not do what the Try Guys did in this video and instead follow the proper guidance from sports medicine docs and athlete protocol.

  • 6:49 eugene looks like he's giving birth

  • The only ones that was actually in the water was Ned and Eugene lol 😂 *good grief, they're the real EVP*

  • Can you guys try to cook filipino food? Like adobo, bicol express, menudo and etc.

  • Every now and then, Ned's Squidward voice hits me hard, and it just occurred to me that he's basically Spongebob with Squidward's voice.

  • Not me doing the fire breathing exercise with them 😂

  • “I’m going to go eat a sandwich”

  • Eugene was the only one that was fully under the whole time he deserved that win

  • me (a canadian): how is that so hot if it's ice????

  • after watching nat taylor's horrible photo shoot series where she fainted because of 15 mins in cold milky water makes me rlly concerned about this video idea...

  • These guys are pathetic. They could definitely use some cold showers and ice baths to raise their testosterone.

    • If low testosterone is your idea of an insult it’s so damn weak go find a hobby.

  • zach and keith is cheating😀

  • As someone who has done lots of ice baths, the amount you are submerged greatly affects the time you can stay in for.

  • Zach wasn’t even in it😂

  • do not watch this with your eyes closed guys

  • me watching this as an athlete remembering it isn't a weekly thing for everyone 👀

  • Upon review we've re-edited this video. We've discovered the guest chosen has made past comments that do not align with our company values, and he's not someone we want to offer our platform. We appreciate our fans who pointed this out to us and regret that we didn't see your notes sooner. In the future we'll do our best to ensure we're more fully vetting the people we invite onto our channel and hope to use this as a learning opportunity. Thanks for watching and thanks for caring. -The Guys

  • them: freezing🥶 me, an athlete: *ah yes. paradise*

  • Looks like you guys are ready to try Ice Floe Racing now :) When the pandemic is over you should make the trip to Ontario and join a team for an episode!

  • All that ice was overkill 😂

  • Me rating the try guys bathrooms: Keith>Eugene>Ned>Zac

  • This is so different from the first video!

  • Eugene’s bath water looks like anime water

  • Zach ur disappointing us🥺

  • Zach is just a cat He's clinging for his life like a cat

  • omg lol using hot sauce as lotion would make skin feels way colder 😂

  • The amount of screams xD

  • Ned just suddenly becoming Rengoku with his fire breathing. Keith acquiring a fever from switching his water temperature VERY quickly. Eugene exercising and just enduring it. Zach simply cussing the world out.

  • this was a cool* video.

  • Me not understanding Fahrenheit 👀

  • Far away in a distant galaxy Anikijan discovered something. Gone was the icy planet Serenity bathing in peace

  • Which gender does each of these "guys" identify? So Confusing! Maybe do a video on Fudge tasting, then we can decide.

  • Yes we love getting back to try guys sciences

  • Zack at least try ffs

  • This video gave me an epileptic seizure

  • I got excited when Ned mentioned about fire breathing....... anime reference?

  • LMFAOOOO!!! OMG I WAS WAITING FOR A TITANIC QUOTE!!! It looked like Zach was barley in the water omg and lmfaooo all of them yelling that was hilarious!!! Keith: "If we stay in here for 6 and half minutes we can be on the bachelor" and I was laughing at the fact you can hear Zach cussing in Ned's video lmfao but Keith at the end "I'm gonna make a sandwich" so funny!!!

  • Are they all gay ?

  • I love how zach isn't even fully in the tub

  • Ow ow my feet lmao 6:53

  • Can we just talk about Keith’s screaming lol 6:32

  • Keith looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo cleaned up his act and became a family man. 🙃😂😂

  • Lol I take ice baths all the time and they help with sore muscles, plus it helps your body to not be as sore the next after a workout or basketball practice, I still take them every once in while

  • Fools, baby, _fools_ ! - Keith Habersberger, 2021

  • Keiths sounds in the cold shower 😂🤣

  • Now we know what they sound like during naughty time.

  • As a ballerina i do this (also most) every night. But i don't do the ice part i just have this tub thing i keep outside that gets to a least 40f-50f. You might be think are you crazy or something but, once you get in it's a little uncomfy but after you skin goes numb you can feel the cold and then it's not that bad (i only do it for 15 minutes at a time) but 100% would recommend. You will feel great in the morning.

  • That’s a lot of skin and I’m not gonna pretend that I don’t like seeing them.

  • OMFG PLLLZZZ use Celcius!

  • Excuse that happens burger a pigeon when you take me to hard core so he sounds like a pigeon

  • Cannot watch this without the headset