Try Guys Test Craziest 5-Minute Crafts

Datum objavljivanja: 31. Ožu 2021.
Enjoy this chaotic reunion! We're back in the studio and we're putting some of the craziets 5-minute crafts and DIY hacks to the test! Get our Color Cloud Tie-Dye tees and hoodies today!
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  • Best video yet?

  • this vid was such a vibe tho

  • SoAp HaNdS

  • Ok but how is Keith’s toe doing

  • The editing is just as chaotic as the raw footage. And I'm living for it.

  • 6:15, was that a @Barats&Beretta ref?

  • I love this video. Your friendship comes out so strong (as always but more)... BUT I kept thinking... 'they REALLY need Rachel' 🤣

  • this whole video is on acid

  • The mustard volcano looked like a thing from the blob movie 🤣🤣

  • Baking soda in toothpaste!? NO! It will erode your teeth

  • Everyone’s talking about how amazing the try guys energy is in this video but 50% of it is the amazing editing

  • this video is so chaotic and I'm obsessed!!! petition to please make 'without a crew' a series!😊

  • MORE MORE MORE! Y'all have got to do more 5 minute crafts. Like a Nail or Fail series.

  • Did you learn nothing from Royalty Soaps

  • Me thinking: the mustard has vinegar in it

  • Keith in the thumbnail I can’t

  • never flim a video by yoursevles again!!!!

  • This is like a trippy rave party where everyone including the cameraman especially the cameraman is high 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • This is the best video, so fun, so out of control. I loved it.

  • I love the intense glare from Eugene when Zach and Keith are 'making out'. Like a dad glaring at their unruly children

  • I hear your toenail issues Keith. That sh*t HURTS. And it ain't pretty. Sandals aren't a first choice when you've got a jacked up looking toe lol.

  • I didn’t know Beautiful Keith was a password.

  • I want a video filmed and edited just by the guys while the crew films them trying to film/edit themselves

  • I love how it starts to derail at 12:43 and they completely lose it from 14:25 til the end. I think that's even funnier than the rest of the video ^^

  • This feels like a fever dream and it's my new favorite try guys video. I love the editing so much lol

  • Eugene's hair is SO long

  • Not even joking I would watch an unedited version of this video

  • I’ve missed this 😢

  • When everyone in this video ist gay except eugene

  • Her: He's probably cheating on me Me and My Bois: 17:05

  • Baking soda is actually a natural whitener for you teeth and safe’

  • I love that this video is kinda more homey feeling! Im really enjoying the soap content!

    • It's giving me throwback jenna vibes

  • Keith: I'm having a noetail issue right now 4:05 100% me making conversation

  • ned the literal chemist AND baker saying that BAKING soda is a cleaning product will never not be funny to me LMAO

  • Keith going off about his toe nail problems and Eugene acting like it's a totally normal everyday I missed seeing them together


  • Ned was definitely the kid to eat all the weird food combinations his friends made during lunch

  • I can see Neds editing everywhere lol

  • the 1.1k dislikes are from the filming crew but mostly from rachel LOL

  • Has anybody here seen the show “the strain”? Cause Eugene is totally giving me Fet vibes

  • The Chaos is strong with this video

  • This video really brought back my old middle school self who thought me and my friends would make great HRdownrs if we filmed ourselves doing stupid shit.

  • 👍

  • Entertaining to see what happens when no one is monitoring the asylum. :)

  • Who else thinks the try guys should play magic the gathering against a pro? I know I do

  • Please make this a series called, Try Guys Without A Crew

  • Why are there no knives at the office, but they have toothpaste?!

  • 17:36 Why you should never pause a Try Guys video XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • if photo dumps came to youtube

  • "It's almost like a balaclava. Baclava? Ba-la-cla-va? Baclava? Baclaclava? Baclavaca? Balavaga!" "A WHOLE BALACLAVA!" 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Ned forgot to fold the shirt..

  • Tell me you missed your coworkers/ friends without telling me you missed them 😂😂😂

  • This has so much chaotic good energy. 👍

  • Low key I’m enjoying this way more than the more “sophisticated” ones

  • Okay, but that soap daddy song is REALLY GOOD, when will the full version going to be released??? Edit: 15:47

  • so this was the first try guys video i ever watched and i fear my expectations for your other videos might be too high now. but i'm gonna give it a try

  • anybody else get the ad with the owls screaming cuz of electric shock?

  • Feels like bored college kids doing anything but their homework 😂😂

  • GUYS I'm going to send the part where they figure out the mustard chemical reaction thing to my chemistry teacher on the last day of school, including the part where Eugene says "science daddy"

  • It never ceases to amaze me how bad the bad ideas are that Ned carries out. Like the end of the video for instance.

  • First I thought ned was high but then I thought the others were too also later i saw some other videos and I thought that this was just their enthusiasm but i still think ned was high lol

  • 7:00 he is trying to say bakhlawa. If you havn't had bakhlawa you are missing out on life.

  • Ned is the funniest in this video. He’s making me laugh the most. He’s just so happy to be back with his friends

  • The amount of cats and fast and furious references in the editing leads me to believe Zach edited this

  • Eugene, "Bakla ka ba" is "Are you gay in Tagalog." I laughed sooo hard 😂

  • I miss jenna marbles 😢

  • this was too much editing ... I want the whole uncut thing

  • 5 minute crafts more like 5 minute craps

  • My dad and I have ingrown toenails and something he's taught me that helps is to cut a 'v' into the middle of the nail.

  • The most memey

  • eugene eyebrows rasies. oh my :O

  • This editing is pure gold

  • You know I thought boys eventually grew up, I was wrong.

  • Best. Video. Ever. I'm crylaughing

  • Well this one went off topic 🤣🤣🤣

  • Grown men acting like children... I LOVE IT!!!

  • Elliot went ham with the editing on this video... and it was the right choice. I'm still laughing. Peak try guys

  • Eugene on 8:16 aka me watching Keith's slow mo

  • Not the pointless plastic waste from all those straws 😭

  • Ned is chaos

  • It's still so weird seeing Eugene with a beard-

  • i love this type of video. they were having so much fun. ahahah

  • Lmao this just shows the production team keeps them on track cause they get so distracted 😂😂

  • I have always thought that the parent influences the kid. In Ned's case, I think it is the other way around. MOAR EGGSSS

  • Not gonna lie. When Keith took off that sweater sleeve in slo mo I got turned on lol

  • petition for all the try guys video to be like this PLASE My stomach hurts!! XD

  • try guys drunk baking?

  • soap daddy

  • This is actual “boys will be boys”

  • I love how chaotic Ned's brain has gotten since having kids.

  • Mustard on hot cheetos sounds... meh but I bet nacho cheese would be better!

  • i always watching your videos but about the waffle segment a big no! yes you have alot of money to buy food to waste you think other people who are not lucky to have a meal for a day due the pandemic

  • This video is hilarious 🤣 the editing is great

  • So amazing to see the guys together again

  • I dare y'all to try to make this sound at 17:53

  • Am I being dumb why is 5mins x 8 not 40mins It said ‘Ned can’t do math’

  • Eugene looks better with a beard 😂

  • You guys need to try hardanger embroidery. Lol I will even teach you 😂

  • I'm confused. Was Ned's math not correct? Am I just stupid? Or was that a joke But also "this can't be good for your mouth, it's a cleaning product" *is literally called baking soda, is used regularly in baking, is not exclusive to cleaning

  • 1:48 I’ve made a bag from a shirt, but it usually takes more than five minutes lol