Try Guys Swap Mystery Cooking Boxes

Datum objavljivanja: 10. Tra 2021.
#Ad The #MysteryBoxCookingChallenge is back and fresher than ever! Watch us challenge each other to the ultimate cooking contest! 4 boxes, tons of mystery ingredients, and endless fun! Special thanks to Kroger for sponsoring this video!
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  • Who do you think will dish out the most goodness in today's competition?

    • WAIT I NEVER THOUGHT OF THIS, why not the try guys and BTS (collabe) (i spelt that wrong ik) cook together in pairs. one day, that will probs never happen but i want it to in like the future

    • the only cooking show that doesnt make me hungry

    • Keith

    • Keith is my bought

    • Eqq

  • Take a drink every time they say fresh and you will have the same alcohol levels as eugenes dishes

  • i Can always count on the try guys to make my day a better one. Thank you for the laughs! Been leaning on your videos a lot lately!

  • This is by far the most head to head Without a Recipe challenge for the Try Guys. Just by looking at their creation, they are really good, as well as the taste as per the judges. Way to go for the Try Guys! Love from the Philippines!

  • poor mango :c

  • TBH, Eugene should've called it "ZACHos" Get ittttt??????

  • eugene was asked what he was making and just said ‘yes 🥰’

  • If Zach would have toasted his bread the sandwich might not have been to wet Alex study salt to much.not everyone can eat salt or want salt on their food

  • Next season for the finale you should have all the guys get $20 to buy the weirdest ingredients they can possibly buy and then they chose who they want to have to have their box to cook.

  • I"M SCREAMING I"M SO FUCKING PROUD OF KEITH OH MY GOD!!! I was watching his judging with my fingers over my mouth like "oh no oh no Keith always does Too Much or Not Enough and falls down at the finish and feels so bad about it please let him have a win" HE GOT _THE_ WIN GO KEITH I'M SO PROUD

  • Love this!!!!!

  • I think Zach won bc so wat if the flavour only came from the sauce that contain the hardest, uncoordinated ingredients in my opinion

  • 9:53 Ned unleashing his inner Rapunzel

  • i love keith’s energy when ned was wrapping the chicken up with the bacon 😭 i need that type of energy in my life

  • Keith's cookbook Easter egg in here

  • I just wanna know where Ned got the chicken

  • I suggest remove the jackfruit seed’s peel before eating

  • Eugene was surprisingly earnest in this 😂 very cute!

  • Eugene seems the most straight person... 🤔

  • I love you guys! I watch your cooking videos whenever I make a big meal

  • lmao me trying to figure out what a rugabaga lmao, i didnt even know it was called a swede since we call it a neep up here

  • I don’t think the pasta was gnocchi, it probably was, but I feel like it would’ve mashed better. Idk maybe I’m just dumb

  • EVERYONE DID GREAT! Wow!!! Everyone killed it. Wish I coulda tasted it.

  • Zacks hair... improvement

  • Hfufy

  • I love at the end where the judges were talking about the dishes and they said that Zach's had no seasoning but still tasted great, Keith's face when they said that was beautiful 😂 It looked like he basically thought "but how? I doubt that"

  • Great video, but all the suic*de and self h*rm jokes make me sad

  • I don’t have a favorite try guy because they’re all so unique and amazing in their own way. This is rare.

  • Can we say: Eu-gene-ius!

  • Are the try guys all getting progressively hotter or am I going insane?

  • Eugene saying "TOO-meric" 🥲

  • the try guys version of chopped

  • the way zach ripped open the mango....

  • Who else thinks the try guys should play magic the gathering against a pro? I know I do

  • Keith took the advertising really seriously ^^

  • zach's mystery box can be used to cook curry :P

  • I think Ned should've won!

  • And my ex couldn't make toast... with bread and a toaster oven.

  • Thing is gnocchi is made with potatoes so mashing it with regular potatoes doesn't seem that bad.

  • MORE

  • For just one show, can we not hear Zach complain?

  • Eugene's is more a tostada than nachos

  • Zach made an SMG free dish

  • Nick is such a multi talented person

  • I Loved that pun.

  • I thought that fruit was a dinosaur egg 😂 it’s huge

  • This was awesome

  • ,

  • Zach opening a mango will forever be etched into the walls of my skull

  • Should’ve given Zach a whole durian

  • The way zach opened the mango... is just a preview of the end of the world

  • I am honestly so shook that Eugene did not cook with any booze. At all. Or even try to...

  • "This is a very positive show" Very missed opportunity to cut to all of the yelling, profanity, ranting and enraged antics that go on when they do other cooking episodes.

  • Eugene is amazingly talented

  • Can we see keith watch tangled please

  • “sizzle me daddy” -Zach, 2021

  • sizzle me daddy lmfaooo

  • Ugene your beautiful you no that but the beard is just uncomfortable I can’t

  • I would love if the try guys opened up a restaurant with all their unique dishes they've successfully created in the try guys without recipes show!!!! All of which turned out to look amazingly good !!! Please give it a thought TRY GUYS

  • my home economic-instincts is getting mad at Ned for putting cooked food on raw meat.

  • ,,Sizzle me daddy" I LOST IT

  • 5:50 i read too much fanfiction for this so i love it how eugene was like snickering on the side like

  • No alcohol eugene?!?!?!

  • Welcome to" CHAOS KITCHEN" , where they teach you how not to cook .

  • Eugene: I'd make a great killer😏 Me: nods head* yeahhhh😃

  • wow the editing was phenomenal

  • i love that pun

  • I love how Eugene had ex-ZACH-ly the ingredients he needed.

  • Love the positivity in this one

  • It would be interesting to see real chefs cook with the same ingredients for comparison haha 😂

  • Sponsored by Kroger *cries in East Coast*

  • 14:46 You’re welcome

  • What happened to the 4 colours?

  • The Try Guys need to make a cook book with these recipes and of course.....Daddy's favorite

  • ned seemed like he was inspired by that one dish louis made for eleanorhisgirlfirendwhoisalsovegan.

  • Ned's dish should be in his cook book. Who agrees?

  • Euguine looks amazing with a beard

  • “Did it bring you down south?” 😂😂😂😂

  • and at the end he almost always wins

  • Keith is my favorite.

  • Damn. I haven't seen their videos in a while. Eugene is rocking that beard.

    • xD the best food they've ever made without a recipe hahaha but it's not that competition AHAHHAHAH you did great you guys hahahahahaha

  • I think the mystery boxes should all be the same to give everybody the right opportunity to win because some of these boxes the ingredients will never go together and you're just going to lose by default

  • the way Zack opened that mango is just torturing me

  • Love the Nachozack! So creative and pretty!

  • Eugene: Go really cut yourself and I'll kiss it Zack: *looks at Eugene then the knife, then picks it up* Okay~ *starts waking away*

  • Why is no one talking ab the fact that keith keeps talking ab the gnocchi and wondering how pasta and potatoes will work? Gnocchi is pare from potato

  • please tell me someone else heard zack say "sizzle me daddy" at 7:07 i am deceased.......

  • I think Zach's dish would've been better served with rice

  • eugene is always eugenine

  • He became 4th 😲

  • This is the first time I've seen Eugene cook without booze😂

  • this is my new favorite video. the ending!?!? terrifically funny.

  • Zach: *says something about Eugene being a wizard* Me: *flashback to the Try Guys Dirty Tour when they were racing in different places, Eugene was a wizard and the guys refused to call Zach by his name*

  • Could be in a cookbook? I see.

  • are there any krogers in socal for them to even regularlly go to?

  • xD the best food they've ever made without a recipe hahaha but it's not that competition AHAHHAHAH you did great you guys hahahahahaha

  • Somebody needs to check that Zack is genuinely okay. He seems sad :(

  • 29:47 don't mind me im just gonna leave this here and come back later :)

  • Eugene’s Nacho Zach was so cute and creative

  • I thought Kroger was a strict Midwest thing