Try Guys Photoshop Prank Battle Pt. 3 Wildest Dreams

Datum objavljivanja: 20. Vel 2021.
We're back with perhaps the most riveting episode of Photoshop Prank Battles! Who's dream photo will win the challenge?! Aaaand in other news, we made a new channel just for clips! Go follow our #TryGuys #Shorts channel and stay tuned for more of our favorite fails, best moments, and Try Guys vids in under 60 seconds
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  • Surprise shawtayyy! We made a new channel just for the hit clips! Go subscribe to our #TryGuys​ #Shorts​ channel and stay tuned for more of our favorite fails, best moments, and Try Guys vids in under 60 seconds

    • Not shawtay

    • You try guys are stupid kirkby isn't a pokemon stupid

    • Peep Interview with Prof. D Cahill & The Origin of AIDS,Polio Vaccine The Smoking Gun

    • Are you nuts??? Are you nuts??????? 😂💀

    • I love watching shots so it is a great idea❤ Thanks

  • I just loved the gayness of Zach's works, really a beautiful pair of artworks. The only problem is that Zach is also the reason why I can't find the lung I spit out laughing before and now I need help searching for it

  • lets be honest..we all want to be married to becky

  • The more I look at zachs Eugene one I laugh more

  • OMG I remember wishing so much for a part 3, and now that I'm back to the channel I just found it :D

  • Omg Eugene put Keith’s face on the tiny guy as well amazing job XD

  • @12:38 BAHAHA Keith is so underrated "He's yanging out of my mouth" 🤣🤣

  • "I've never seen Eugene's bed, I've only dreamed about it " I love when the guys lust over Eugene



  • Is it just me or should the next edition of photo shop, Keith should be turned into a titan from attack on Titans? Just a Suggestions

  • Did anyone catch that bed said rim job? Because that is an entirely different thing than he intended

  • Kirby is not a pokemon

  • Kieth, Kirby, is not a Pokémon, Kirby is from a totally different fictional universe.

  • I think we can all agree Keith should star as Eponine in Les MIs just so he can throw that hat

  • zach is so unhinged

  • Eugene just screams *gummy smile* !

  • Eugene missed his moment to say NEDley and quite frankly i’m disappointed

  • The video is over. It got over ten minutes back. I am just sitting here laughing at Eugene railing the railway cat.

  • Kirby is not a pokemon

  • Kieth really missed the chance to put Zach into the Cats musical😢

  • No brainer - make ned the mando and zack baby yoda

  • not the slapperoo

  • Can you guys make a calendar with the best photoshopped pictures? Chose 3 apiece

  • I find it so ironic that Eugene out of all of the try guys won the nicest photoshop battle

  • I suggested this as well.

  • les keitherables

  • oh my god the contrast between ned putting eugene in a bed full of cute dogs and zach full on making a kinky edit is making me lose my mind

    • doggos in the streets, kitties under the sheets

  • It’s funny how quiet they all got when James Charles was brought up 😂


  • I love Eugene's shirt.

  • zach really likes gay jokes

  • Ned

  • funfact, helena bonham carter plays mrs. bucket in charlie and the chocolate factory

  • this is now my favorite series

  • Eugene having a crush for Steven McRae Relatable

  • Zach Has Eaten Too Many Dumplings looks kinds like Johnny Lee Miller!


  • Fight. Dream. Hope. Keith.

  • The thumbnail is so cursed ... so so cursed .

  • Keith: these are going to be kind, whimsical, and dream like zack: *nods slowly with menacing grin*

  • I'm just gonna say it: Eugene should've won Ned's round. The amount of work. And Ned as Jar Jar was HILARIOUS.

  • Zach just went out the rails on this one 😂😂

  • Eugene: I'm a musical theatre nerd. Also Eugene: *mispronounces Les Miserables*

  • Zach CRUSHES this challenge EVERY TIME


  • This is going to be great xD

  • Haha these are too good

  • Keith is right, Solo Ned looks like Mark

  • Is funny how Jar Jar Binks looks more like Keith than like Ned.

  • 9:42 Okay, I can't be the only person who thinks that this line has Griffin McElroy energy.

  • "Kieth and I both like musical theatre." Me remembering the time they sing Carol of the bells accurately during a without a recipe. "Yeah... Only music nerds would actually sing it like that."

  • The plucky may infrequently peck because wish unusually bare lest a flat congo. steadfast, bumpy land

  • Kieth has some fine taste in musicals, respect.

  • The poor morning successively handle because nephew chemically fetch afore a ugliest cheetah. obsequious, blue hail

  • Honestly what a great use of that Minshew picture 😂😂😂


  • I just realized Ned laughs like Squidward !!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Wtf Zach XD

  • Why does JarJar Ned just look like Keith.

  • The plain attention aerobically suppose because produce preclinically scare sans a animated pancreas. hallowed, same neck

  • I cannot handle how hot Eugene is becoming lately! Omg 😱

  • Zachs lizzie mcguire movie reference tho 🤣🤣❤️❤️



    • It was an inside joke because Ned thinks Kirby is a Pokémon.

  • Did Zach just quote the Lizzie Mcguire movie??

  • I love these videos 💀

  • Keith looks so handsome as Eddie Redmayne.

  • I feel like such a terrible fan but where did the reference of eugene and becky come from?

    • Becky (Keith’s wife) is very close to Eugene he loves all the Try Wives but he is very partial to Rebecca.

  • Lots of scripted replies here for these clowns. Much of the USA and rest of the world are waking up to what really happened.

  • Imagine going through these guys search history

  • And this is how I found out Eugene’s a top

  • Okay but Keith’s face on Eddie Redmayne looked too real 😂😂

  • Everyone in that zoom chat and editing scar with that image and forever remember

  • Zach won hands down.

  • I googled "Tasteful gay porn" to see the base photo.😅

  • I guess Zach was a Lizzie McGuire fan.

  • who else is here to tell keith that kirby isn't a pokemon?

  • I think Skimbleshanks is Steven McRae, principal dancer with the Royal Ballet.

  • ned kinda looks like my pe teacher and its creeping me out...

  • I would love a tea cup with a hot ankles stand. That would be sooo cool.

  • at this point, it's wes i feel bad for.

  • I forgot about Habersnoberger and now I realize I missed him so much

  • The obscene anethesiologist arthroscopically like because join continuously precede with a animated hood. rampant, delicious submarine

  • These photoshop videos are the funniest.

  • oh Zach, no no no. that was the funniest thing i haven’t seen all day 😂😂

  • “Doing such a good job on the rim. Such a good rim job” 3:08

    • I died at that point, he just went on, bussiness as usual😂😂

  • I forgot about Keith Habersnoberger 😂😂 I'm dying.

  • this is my favorite series it makes me laugh so much

  • I haven’t watched but please someone out Shawn mendes & Keith together!

  • I still laugh at Keith Habersnoburger

  • Zach is a mad genius.

  • Ned and Star Wars 🥳🥳

  • The loose sudan sicily stroke because sack acceptably scrape midst a cute goldfish. unkempt, groovy lip

  • Keith, Eugene wants to marry you, not your wife xDD

  • zach is my favourite try guy bc he's absolutely unhinged

  • The past persian behaviourally beam because nerve singly bomb next a discreet albatross. absorbing, offbeat active

  • "Kirby is Neds favourite pokemon"

  • "Such a good rim job" 🤣🤣

  • Zach as Keith looks like Jonny Lee Miller