Try Guys Try Pickling Gross Food Combos

Datum objavljivanja: 3. Tra 2021.
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  • What should we pickle next???

    • @swagata Chatterjee I was just saying it

    • Half riped mangos

    • Definitely also need to leave them longer. For instance most dill pickles (any cucumber pickles) need at least 6-8 weeks. 3-4 months is better. They need that time for the vegetable to absorb the brine and actually pickle, other wise just the outer part pickles and it doesn't work as well.

    • Ned

    • Eugene

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  • Based on zach's jingle for 'Sunday morning vomit in a jar' I would like to nominate him for a Grammy.

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  • I love how this video really just went downhill in terms of how hit or miss everyone’s creations were (but the whole video was amazing!)

  • "it tastes like a Michaels" hahaha

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  • Omg Keith, 30:48 REALLY disturbed me 😂😂

  • I feel bad for Matt he almost threw up

  • Keith just like watching him hold up a pepper in utter disbelief

  • “The brine is fine; the gummy bears - bewares” A poem by Keith Habersberger

  • umm listen to the music at 8:12

  • As a jewish person myself seeing Zach describe the other kosher stuff as "some other bullish*t" 18:50 made me laugh much harder than i expected XD Very relatable content

  • anyone else want to make period jokes with the squid and hot dog?

  • Not me just sitting in my chair realising the try guys are quite literally full time comedians

  • Wait did he get taller???

  • I really want to try the gummy bears

  • “Hahahahahah my boat”

  • Is it just me or Zach became extra attractive in this video? Like I'm a Ned stan but I keep on looking at Zach in this video and I'm trying to figure out what changed.

  • They could call the Asian? + gummy bear ones Panda.

  • Ned n Zach are the more dramatic ones n Keith n Eugene are the more non dramatic ones 😂😂

  • "Super spice" "I fear what that means in your hands" I too fear it.

  • 21:20 I gagged

  • I am roaring with laughter! I felt your nausea with the Kool-Aid squid. Lol

  • I was certain the chocolate/kosher couldnt have been THAT bad, just extra salty dark chocolate then Zach adds in the bong water comment and I immediatley understand

  • When Josh started talking I thought I had accidentally clicked on a recommended video 😂😂😂 glad to see him making a cameo

  • Why isn’t anyone talking about the beginning “will it pickle”? Like, GMM and the Try Guys just had another crossover and I’m all for it

  • The squid reminds me of food wars

  • I grew up with pickled beets and eggs. I didn't like the eggs. The pickled beets are delicious. 😊

  • Who else thinks the try guys should play magic the gathering against a pro? I know I do

  • he peeled the watermelon and used the white and green parts he really did that

  • I want "sixteen thumbs from the linebackers of various football teams" on a shirt or something with a picture of the jar

  • Eugene and Keith at 29:16 are just my last 2 braincells, one has smart fun name and the other is Keith lol

  • this went a lot better then i expected

  • I love how everyone was freaking out and gagging and eugene looked unbothered

  • Fun fact in room temp water, gummy bears will bloat and expand

  • Eugene: It's not that spicy you know what i'm just gonna eat the pepper The other guys: dying because it's too spicy

  • how do you make the mustard pickled shrimp? i want to try it but I can't find a recipe link and and ingredients list says "1 cup water, divided" so i can't figure out how its supposed to be divided!

  • Wouldn’t Asian gummy bears be... pandas?

  • The original with a recipe

  • Eugene looking like an Asian Tony Stark. (idc what anything says, there is no way Tony Stark would be fully straight)

  • I'm just remembering seeing my uncle in the grocery aisle and him just picking Kool-aid pickles, just wanting to try it, and we both didn't like the taste

  • In the intro when they asked will it pickle, I was transported to a good mythical morning video

  • Is it just me, or should they have used the expert more?? He seemed really funny and I wish he was more a part of it and had interaction with the guys

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  • Wait is it weird to eat cold hot dogs? I’ve done that my whole life

  • I don’t know when Zach became my type but he did, wasn’t expecting that one

  • Zach is lovely in jewelry (*^ω^*)

  • Eugene looks like a lumberjack in plaid and with the beard and Keith looked horrified after the spicy fruit

  • I really was expecting for Eugene to put gochujang for the spicy fruit.

  • Eugene: Who ever wanted pink eye? Keith: I want pink eye! Eugene: I can give it to you! Eugene: *Gets out of his chair ready to put his butt in Keith's face, then immediately bails on the bit* Eugene:.....Just...uh...rub your eye in this....

  • My grandma used to make that all the time use cans of sliced beets With the juice boiled eggs and a jar of pickle juice you can keep some pickles too if you want I personally think it's really good

  • Omg that John Travolta shirt lol

  • I dont like pickled anything including cucumbers, which are in fact pickles.

  • Ah, I was really hoping they would grill the cinnamon dogs

  • lol keith has nothing hardy in his fridge wtf xD must be all those eating videos he does xD love you all are so wholesome

    • No it’s because that’s their guest house.

  • I love Try Guys! :D

  • This seems like a fun game. I don't know if I would have the patience to wait for the lucky dip pickles as a game, but I would definitely like to try a lucky dip pizza topping game or something that could be done as a challenge in one evening! Mix some sweet and savoury. Perhaps literally sweets! Haha! Chocolate and bluecheese is apparently nice... I haven't tried it... Yet.

  • Papa?! Papa COLLABED WITH THE TRY GUYS?!??????!!!!!!

  • All of those bites are so brave

  • Y’all are great

  • Awww Papa is in this ( would love to see Josh judge a without a recipe episode )

  • this keith guy pissing me off forreal he needs to be kicked out !!!!!! 1 star

    • I’m sorry but u can’t “kick out” one of the owners of the company.

  • We need more of these

  • As someone who works for a craft store I’m not sure how I feel about it being compared to koolaid squid... but I think I’m living for it. 🤣

  • 15:36 I replayed this more times than I wanna admit

  • *once you pickle the fun ain’t fickle*

  • I've been jarring (or pickling) since I was 7, everything I see them doing wrong and not being able to tell them is frustrating

  • 20:47 In my high school creative writing class, my teacher had us try odd food combinations. One of them was green olive and chocolate. Before even watching them eat it, I'm going to guess that pickled chocolate is one of the vilest things they will have ever had the displeasure of tasting. Edit: 21:20 Got it in one. lmao. Just the memory of that food combination makes me cringe.

  • The background music 😅

  • Zach looked so sad and concerned when he found out Keith didn't grill the hot dogs

  • I hate kids...but Wes hits different. Good job Ned, you made a proper human.

  • Eugene is not tall. He just has tall hair.

  • Why does Zach's shirt say John Travolta underneath Nicolas Cage's face?

  • Ned's son is going to be way too well adjusted as an adult... that child will have way to much confidence from all the wholesomeness he's experiencing growing up!

  • The fact that Eugene used pre-boiled, peeled, plastic packaged eggs should disqualify him 😤

  • Did anyone else see Wes with a peeler in his mouth? Just me?

  • 17:50 is that The condom hat-

  • What the fuck is off with Keith's size? Did he get hit by a shrinking ray? Super weird.

  • 28:35 Keith is acting like Eugene is pointing a knife at him 😂😂

  • Why there be no food in Keith's fridge... what you doing becky???!

    • He is filming in their guest house that’s not his main house.

  • Uuuggghhhh goodbye

  • Was anyone freaking out seeing Wes teeth on the peeler? I’m not doubting Ned’s parenting skills, Wes was obviously supervised. But the anxious part of me was like “Wes, honey? Not a good idea”

  • papa luv u

  • Let’s be honest, we all knew that shrimp was gonna be good 😌

  • Did anyone anyone else think Zach’s mic was his bony knee in black jeans while he was doing an Instagram pose??😂

  • Never trust an asian when they say something is a LITTLE SPICY. A little spicy to them is like sticking your tongue in an open flame and saying it's a little warm.

  • When everyone thinks mustard and shrimp's gonna be disgusting, while I'm thinking that might be one of the best ones, we have dishes based on that combination, wait to get your minds blown, and well it happens!

  • I'm from WI so the bloody mary and cheese doesn't sound that weird xD

  • The cheese and bloody Mary mix looks like mapo tofu in a jar

  • 🙄

  • Y'all need to try moonshine pickles 🤤

  • Eugene is so good looking like that. Im feeling it. Haha

  • Joshua Weissman 💙

  • Matt's cute cough at 25:26 awwww........

  • Eugene and Keith my fav duo😂

  • I need a link to the mustard recipe.

  • 9:24 When the drugs kick in.

  • Did anyone notice that zach pickled the chocolate he dropped on the floor?

  • 20:49 mmmehp *speaking.exe has failed*