We Need To Talk About Anti-Asian Hate

Datum objavljivanja: 24. Ožu 2021.
We need to talk about the rise of anti-Asian hate and attacks. Join Eugene for an in-depth conversation about the complex, often untold story of the Asian American community, the unique struggles they face, and find out how you can help #StopAsianHate.
Speak up and speak out with us by sharing your story on HRdown and across social media with the hashtag #TalkAsianHate.
00:00 - Introduction
04:10 - Yellow Peril
08:20 - America At War
11:57 - Model Minority
19:06 - Vincent Chin
22:55 - Black & Asian Communities
31:11 - Policing
36:01 - Hate Rhetoric
46:10 - Monolith & Media
51:49 - Generational Divide
58:29 - Voting & Representation
1:04:39 - How You Can Help
Zoe Malik - Research Producer
View our main resource material here: docs.google.com/document/d/1A66DRLuB1pEAQUnHJ0Bgg04CL2T0ivLrnUVPuP_-WRQ/edit?usp=sharing
Tanzila "Taz" Ahmed
Bing Chen
David Dang
Mary Dang
Carroll Fife
Sean P. Fong
Shirley Gee
Asia Jackson
Andy Kim
Phillip Lim
Lisa Ling
Dr. Simran Jeet Singh
Annie Tan
Philip Wang
Rev. angel Kyodo williams
YB Chang @xoybox
Skyler Klingenberg
Aiko Igasaki
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  • If you can, please help uplift, empower, and protect our communities against rising anti-Asian attacks by donating to the GoFundMe.org. Support the AAPI Community Fund through HRdown’s Donate button or at gofundme.com/AAPI. Proceeds will be distributed to a vetted group of community, neighborhood, and victim organizations.

    • Stop the wet markets and at least apologize for killing millions of people. I’ve never heard one apology

    • GoFuyoself.... I ain't funding you folks. Well stop killing shark for their fin and stop eating stuff that could cause virus spreading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop killing rhino and elephant for their tusks. I thought asians are smarter than us... because they should know that tiger testicle don't cure anything.

    • Thank you for making this vid. Question:what’s a good comeback when a kid calls you a:”Ching Chong”

    • @Euro Trav psychology is not a proven science so therefore unreliable

    • To solve the problem of Western anti Asian hate, we must first look at the cases carefully, analyze the psychology of such behaviors and then maybe we can solve the problem. In my channel, I recorded in detail, and complicity, the case I encountered last Sunday. I added my analysis in detail.

  • When I was 7 in catholic school I got in an argument with some white kid and he called me a Chinese freak and I called him a moron and we got in a scuffle. After when the teacher was interviewing me about what happened and when I mentioned the name calling she really fixated on it and I couldn't figure out why. I was more concerned about my nose bleed. She then tried to explain what racism is. I'm not sure I understood at the time.

  • US? I got chased and was told to go back to china. I don’t even speak Chinese.. :/ Canada isn’t that great either

  • Just a little fyi. I'm not racist at all but two Chinese girls did call me Mayo. I wasn't offended until I looked the word up. A derogatory term for whites people a.k.a. bleachers, honkeys, whiteys,, and cracker.

  • Nuke China

  • We all know which people target asians specifically, they got choco skin

  • America belongs to the whites not the asians

    • Oh, look, a loser who doesn't have any purpose or reason to live with diversity. Looks like another troll with white privilege but failed to accomplish anything

  • This is a white man's country

  • dont care about asians

  • Should Asians be anti-American too?

  • Abuse of Asians started the moment they came here hundreds of years ago. It's just making the news now.

  • This was incredibly well-made - thank you for taking the time to bring awareness to this serious, complex and nuanced issue.

  • It’s disgusting to even read all the racism in this comment section cross lines. Did you learn literally anything?

  • Me as a South Korean and a lot of stuff going on about Asian people creating COVID-19 It was not really Asian people fault it was an accident just like the plague came from rats and we didn't do anything to the americans...

  • We always have this one older Asian man who always goes around our neighborhood for his daily walk/run (he doesn’t really run he kinda slides his feet at a very slow pace )and we always wave to him n he always waves back and give a smile at all the kids or people that say hi to him and give that smile really brightens your day .... but I haven’t seen him do his walk lately.... and I think the situation may be why ....even though we live in a neighborhood with around 60 houses and he knows everyone...makes me sad that all this has to happen ...

  • I’m not Asian, but what hurts and confuses me even more- is that sooo many people love to consume Asian culture. For example; food, fashion, art, music and entertainment (and much more the list goes on) yet they stay silent on AAPI racism/hate-crimes. I just don’t understand how can you consume and admire one’s culture, but not respect and appreciate the people who created it.

  • Thank you for this video. The fact that they talked about history, and spoke to other bipoc too was so helpful. I know this can be difficult to talk about, but I believe the best way to be ally to the AAPI-community is to begin challenging our own unconscious/implicit bias. It’s the only way forward.

  • does Canada have asian hate cuzz im about to go there...

  • the funny part is most asians hate each other,confuse a chinese asain with a korean or hmong sometime?

  • Even Asian hate Asian. I have seen pages where Asians trash other Asians on the topic of “stop Asian hate”. Doubt think we will be United enough to have meaningful impact.

  • I know D will that black people out here attacking another people of color as being black you should know about hate crimes that's a dumb sh

  • Not My Fault Whiteness is Just Prettier lol :-)

    • who cares

  • Racists are mentally unhinged and make me feel unsafe.

  • Let’s come together. Awaken. Anti blackness is a ploy used by the white supremacy apparatus. Whiteness is our enemy. Colorism is the symptom.

  • rather than focusing on race we should be focusing on the underlying problem. Rather than focus on black poverty, we should simply focus on fighting poverty. There should be no special treatment based on race and people should get things based on merit. the only time race should be a factor is if the individuals are equal and it would be a tie-breaking factor. If people commit a crime then they should be punished accordingly regarding what their race is. We need to stop focusing on race because it does nothing but perpetuate racism. When I chat with a Nigerian for example his being African is not going through my mind unless he were to start mentioning it.

  • I have had a series of dreams were we, Asians, were DENIED vaccinations. A number of doctors, nurses, and police joined in too. All these people, mainly white, were body blocking us from these clinics that provided the vaccine. It was.... terrifying to think when I woke up, and confusing in my dream.

  • I wish you guys had more videos that show this authentic mature side (because you have grown), rather than the overacted skits. That aside, thank you for bringing this onto your platform. Well done.

  • Could someone please please tell me what colour are the offenders ?

  • Im native american i love asians

  • Do you mind if I share this video on FB?

  • When I was younger, my classmates and I didn't know racism was still a thing. We didn't know that we were in the wrong. Just to clarify, I'm Asian myself. My classmates would ask my eyes are shaped that way and mock Asian things. I didn't know it was wrong, so I made fun of Asians myself. We didn't know what we were doing was wrong. We were never taught it and we didn't know racism was still a thing. As I grew older, I learned racism was still a thing, but I thought it was only associated with black people until now

  • I think racism is racism. And there are crimes connected to it. That's horrible and I don't get it. As for what is happening now, it's been a year. Like...why? Also....if you are brainless and really afraid of corona that you associate with one specific race for some reason, maybe it's logical to do exactly the opposite - stay away...so I don't get it at all.

  • Finally people are done censoring

  • as a muslim thank u for including everyone .. stay strong , stay safe everyone 🤍

  • I am doing a paper on covid vaccination and I wanted to include Asian hate so can someone help me credit this in MLA format?

    • I don't think crediting this video by itself is not a great idea, but in the description there is a document with all the of sources they used

  • well, it ain't too surprising to me. i went from getting in the school bus to walking to and from school for 30 minutes +. i had these crazy seniors from my high school trying to run me over despite the fact that i don't know them and i'm walking on the sidewalk. they verbally said "die asian" as they tried to run me over 5 separate occasions. i was the target because i was the only asian walking home in that direction. i wasn't treated fairly in my us history class for obviously racist reasons and ended up failing that class. how do i know it was because of the teacher and not me? because when i retook that class with a different teacher, i passed it. i didn't remember anything i learned prior to retaking it. that's how bad the teacher treated me. i'm not the type to call out racism as it will paint a target on me. but that kind of stuff happens all the time in america... asians try to blend in and not make a scene since we're outnumbered and risk a somewhat normal life from being taken away from us. plus, we're too busy trying to make ends meet since not all job opportunities are open for our parents. i guess i got lucky since my family wasn't the target of hate at this moment but it could be a ticking bomb ready to hit us.

  • i bet if you ask those hater "why" they will get stun and can't say any logic answer at all.... its pure stupidity.

  • I love you but I strongly dislike you hairstyle.

  • THIS MAN IS TRASH! He's a liar and a far left propagandist. He and his kind -cough- the CCP/Democrat Party...only care about power through dividing those below him

  • I learned so much from this video. Thank you so much for putting this together ❤

  • Fantastic video!!!! Thank you so much. I am sharing it as widely as I can.

  • Majority of them are uneducated lefts that created this problem most of the conservative Christians are very loving & friendly.

  • The tweet at 54:34 is such a bad take. Did they really just imply that Asian, Hispanic, Native American, Middle Eastern, & LGBTQ+ people haven't been suppressed in America??

  • As an Asian, I can take china virus or wuhan virus, the latter of which is used among Chinese also. but kung flu is just straight up racist.

  • Educate yourselves on Asian American history before telling us to educate ourselves on Black history. What a messed up world we live in.

  • it almost makes me sad how well informed this video is and how much variety in history it covers because i know a disturbingly large amount of people will refuse to watch it because they're still on the narrative of "there's no asian hate, americans love asians, making mountains out of molehills"

  • 9:54

  • Thank you Eugene. As a Korean American Adoptee...there is a lot that I have to overcome to come to grips with the tragedy of the Asian American History in America. This makes me think. This makes me question. I am so thankful for you putting this out there and interviewing the people that you interviewed. I have been trying to figure out how to share "what being korean means" to my hapa babies that "live in privilege". I am still trying to figure out "my privilege" because I think I have even more being adopted by white parents. I feel that I shouldnt have to be thankful to you for putting it out there...I feel like I should have been searching as well. Anyway, thanks.

  • I'm an indian, thank God I left America 🙃

  • Great video!!

  • Asia or Asia-Chinese??western love wipe off other history..

  • Good one, you're like the only cingcong that clarified that it's the Trumpers is the root cause of all of this issues.

  • Alm!

  • I had to learn about Vincent Chin on my own while learning about Asian-American history in Detroit (where I’m from)

  • im so sorry ye'll have to go thru this hate

  • Guys I really think you should change the Title and Thumbnail to this video to something more akin to a documentary. It was SO beautifully and sensitively researched, compiled and edited, it really deserves a title and thumbnail that reflects this.

  • Thank you for making this video and thank you to the team for the great research, interviews and perfect editing. We get NO Asian history whatsoever in schools in the UK. We get a lot of World War 1&2 history in highschool (don't get me wrong, that is VERY important... but we do not learn about the Korean war, the Vietnam war, the Cold War, we don't learn about modern politics, racism, any American history, and we learn nothing about race and discrimination. So unless you go out there and seek this information for yourself you would never know about it. Half of what I know about world history, race and discrimination has come from me watching movies or series, or hearing celebrities mention things (like Ice Cube talking about the LA Riots or George Takei talking about Japanese internment) so then I take the time to research these things. Not everyone does this. I wish we were taught about these things in school, I think it would promote empathy, discussion and understanding and help to minimise bullying and misunderstandings.

  • Maybe get Nike to stop operating slaveshops in China....or do those Asian lives not matter?


  • yeah, let's talk about it. african american need to stop attacking asian american.

  • let's be real, this will continue for decades. It was proved in the past, and it'll be the same now.

  • Omg. This is horrific. I had no idea 🥺

  • America is evil in everything

  • Thank you , Eugene. This is so important. Racism is Alive & Well in the USA.

  • PS to Caucasian Americans too; We're on your side too. Discrimination towards People of Color is bad for everyone, because it grows to fester towards abuses for white people too. If a country can't take care of its minorities, it won't be long until everyone is disenfranchised together. That's why its vital to stand together against hate, so that the suffering doesn't spread further.

  • What about the other side of the coin? I married a Chinese woman and we've been married for over 10 years. She's the most beautiful woman I know. Now: compare this with some human predator wanting to hurt someone. It makes hate groups irrelevant until they act. Then, they just need to be removed from society.

  • Oriental parents have always had something against black and brown people, it’s an inconvenient truth. Might this have something to do with all the black and brown people attacking old orientals today?

  • This was a really powerful video, and it's opened up a lot of the things that I as a Filipino American never knew about. Thank you for making this and spreading the information that is so desperately needed in these times.

  • But Trumpers aren't the ones attacking Asians

  • This needs more views

  • This is so informative and important. Thank you for this!

  • This was incredibly educational. It inspired me to take a history credit actually. Which I recently discovered you can take free credits from Ivey League schools, many which offer Chinese/Korean/many other asian history courses. I highly recommend others to find out more

  • Hello everyone, I am from Turkey. I am not Asian, but this issue is my sensitive point. That's why I made a video about it. Available on my video channel. Can you support? Let's show our strength against racism! I'm with you Good bye.

    • @Jiuxeeyy what a clever point. Congratulations!

    • You're really advertising your own channel on a video talking about racism.

  • This is sort of like Australia but its Japanese as well. When there were the goldrush times there were a lot of 'white' people. THey fought because they said Chinese were taking all the jovs

  • I think what makes me the most upset is seeing minority groups attacking each other. I heard from my own grandmother that "they were silent about us blacks, and now they want us to come to the rescue" or "all they do is put their head down and keep walking, they don't defend themselves, this is their fault" which is just disgusting. Hate breeds hate, and you can't talk about wanting equality, and then turn around and talk about "karma" towards a whole race.

  • Why aren't the likes and dislikes displayed? (Asking for a fren)

    • I am surprised they didn't turn off the comments section. Simple answer....this entire video was a lie! Dislikes are probably higher than Likes.

  • stop eating bats please its not racism but you guys are ruining the world

    • Nobody eats bats in Asia.

  • love to the asian community!

  • One thing to notice as USA and China develop worse and worse relations this things are going to increase in frequency. American culture has a history of inside targeting of people connected to countries they have bad relations with, Germans in WW1, Asians in WW2(even concentration camps), Slavs during and after Cold War(every bad guy in movie game or any media is having slavic accent), Muslims in early 2000s, now Asians again. This is nothing new, it goes in cycles.

  • The U. S aid built on nothing but racism, give them an excuse to be racist, they’ll take it :( racism towards Asians is not a first thing. Why don’t they teach racism towards Asians????

  • We need to talk about why Oprah is so silent about this

  • This means more than you know 😭 I am human I am Asian American I wear a mask I am Vietnamese Now what’s wrong with society Being Asian is hard enough and with political stuff I don’t need to look behind my back every day Also people are saying they don’t want to catch COVID I don’t have then why are they coming up to people Leave me alone then I am hear because my grandparents fled from the Vietnamese war that’s why I’m in “Your country” You don’t want us here? Stop eating ramen give us our boba back No more k-pop and v-pop for you Kawaii? Hello kitty? You want us here now?

    • Blame the trumpers, it's their fault.

  • I saw the media talking a bit about the Asian hate and assaults and such, but then they went quiet almost immediately when more and more of the assaulters were identified to be black people. I dunno exactly what agenda the MSM has here, but it definitely has been used as ammunition by the alt-right.

  • Hate crimes will never stop regardless of how many efforts you tries.

  • Only Asian doesn’t get target is India people!

  • Donations ain’t going stop Asian hates!

  • How come the Chinese government stopped infected people from spreading the coronavirus into other parts of China but they still allow them to come to the US and Europe

  • The Chinese government deliberately allowed infected people to come to America and Europe to spread the coronavirus they could have clamped down completely and stopped it from our international spread but they didn't because they wanted America and Europe to be infected too they stopped those infected people from spreading it into other parts of China didn't they

  • The Chinese people and the government of China is directly responsible for the coronavirus and it's the people that allow that government to stay in power so it's their fault plain and simple

  • supports joe biden okay i see where this is going wonder whats the ratio of like n dislike of this shit video great bias Try Guys

    • What did you expect of a Leftist YT channel? Propaganda is their brand.

  • sometimes I wanna cry for the asian and the black or anyone who is being bulled for the war they are

  • "evil looking eyes"? these eyes look awesome -_-;

  • they worked so hard to get here and this is how they are treated they are not welcome to this country people say but i think that we deserve to have a good life especially us asians

  • People got tired of pushing BLM so they moved onto Asians for another reason to hate white people/america

  • "He was having a bad day"

  • The Fuck Is Wrong With People

  • wait Eugene is Asian

  • Don't be fooled he is likely not really trying to make Asian lives better.

  • Elderly Asian man was killed and killer was released from custody and District Attorney called it Restorative justice these people promoting this nonsense are not trying to make things better.

  • There is nothing wrong with being a role model. Doing right and promoting others to do so is a good idea.